46 weeks until I turn 44.

13 08 2010

44 may spark a mid-life crisis for me, my first since I was 22 and quit my corporate job to follow my boyfriend across the country (it’s okay, we’ve been married for a long time now.)  Anyhow, early 40’s NO PROBLEM.  I mean, I had my first baby just before my 41st birthday. I adopted a second just before I turned 43.  Early 40’s – I could still be in the Olympics (although my choice of sports gets smaller each year)  But 44 is mid-40’s.  There is no denying it.  Mid-life.  Half way done if you are lucky – more than half way if you aren’t.

So, I decided to make a list of goals to achieve before I hit 44 (I know, not a novel concept).  Problem is I am stuck on the number 43.  I want the list to have 43 items.  I want most of the items to relate to the number 43.  In some cases 43 is a very big number (run 43 miles).  In some cases 43 is a small number (drink 43 beers).  I have decided to give myself a little break.  I do not need to have all 43 items on the list this week.  I can add them throughout the year.  And all items do not have to relate to the number 43.  In some cases it might be 4or3 (run 4or3 miles).  In some cases I might use the metric system (love to my Canadian friends).  In some instances I might count in dog years, 43 dog years is roughly 6.14 (love to my canine pals).  Maybe one of my goals will be to see how many ways I can change the number 43 into a different number.  For now here are 23.  That means I am more than halfway through the first item.

43 goals written on a piece of paper

43 yoga classes

43 “other” exercise classes

43 love letters

43 items on a list telling my husband why I love him

43 consecutive days with no alcohol

43 consecutive days without a single argument (children under 5 years excluded.  Should strangers count?  What about racist strangers?)

43 push-ups in less than 5 minutes

43 sit-ups in a row

43 books read (picture books do not count)

43 books read with my son (my daughter would be happy to read 43 books in a single sitting, my son is not very interested in reading – yet.)

43 blog/journal/essays written

43 (this one has to do with my sex life and that is as specific as I will be on here)

43 meals cooked (if you know me you know this will be very tough – notice I did not say healthy meals or even tasty meals)

43 consecutive days with no diet coke (this will not coincide with 43 days of no arguing)

43 hour liquid fast (everybody is doing it – also not to coincide with no argument days)

43 items donated to thrift shops or handed down to others

43 pads of paper I will go through keeping lists of my list

43 photographs I am proud of

43 hours with no cursing (it was going to be 43 days but who can keep track for that damn long?)

43 dollars saved using coupons

43 loads of laundry (should have that checked off by week two)

43 new and important facts I will learn about Missouri, Ethiopia, Buddhism, Yoga, Child development, Home Improvement, (any topic that is relevant and not ridiculous – pop culture, sports statistics and where to get the best Mexican food will not count)

43 yards of fabric or 43 sewing projects or 43 stitches – I am not sure what is realistic when it comes to sewing…. Lets go with stiches




5 responses

2 09 2010

BTW… dog years 6.14 — 6+1=7 7-4=3 And now you have 4 and 3. This is why I teach English and not math!

10 09 2010
tamara b

love the list!!! My favorite: 43 love letters. But reading that makes me wonder if you’re going to write them or receive them 🙂 I also love your things that can’t coincide together… to funny. You crack me up and I so appreciate that.

12 09 2010

I like the clarifying points you added, especially the 43 days without diet coke not to overlap the 43 days without arguing.

31 10 2010
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18 11 2010
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