Creating a Family

26 08 2010

This is Little Dude getting to know one of my best friends from high school, M.L.  M.L. was adopted and is the spitting image of her adoptive/second/real mother.  Back in the day they used to try to match the looks of adoptable babies to their prospective adoptive parents.  Good thing they don’t do that anymore or that beautiful boy would not be living with us.

M.L. and I have been friends for 29 years.  During that time we have lived in a combined eight states and two countries.  One of us traveled the world snowboarding while the other went to college and followed a more traditional path.  There have been dozens of address changes, email changes and phone numbers.  Since high school we never lived closer to each other than 400 miles.  Some years we saw each other two or three times, sometimes we went 2 or 3 years without seeing each other at all.  Right now she is living in her RV on my parents’ property.  I feel grateful that she is there for my parents and they are there for her.

We are all born with a biological family.  Some of us also have an adoptive family.  But the most important family may be the one you create as you go along.




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