Double Standards

27 08 2010

When my best friend had her son I told her I loved her and I knew I would love him but I absolutely would not tolerate any talk about his body functions.  There is nothing cute or funny about other people’s outputs regardless of their age.  And oh how I hate those photos of kids with food all over their face.  That isn’t cute – it’s gross.  Get a wash cloth.  And finally if your kid comes up to me with thick, nasal discharge coating his upper lip, I am likely to dry heave.  I will get a tissue and wipe it if you are not paying attention, but I will be retching the whole time.

On the other hand, in a recent email I sent to a group of 13 people I signed off “In Columbia where poop is soup.”  Now, aren’t I clever?  I routinely wipe my own children’s noses with my fingers (I just do this to keep innocent bystanders from dry heaving.)  And, last but not least, check out the pictures I recently took.  Aren’t they the cutest?




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