The Answers She Needs

2 09 2010

One year ago today my son’s life changed.  And in the future he will probably have many, many questions about that day.  And I, unfortunately, have very, very few answers.  On the other side of the world somewhere there is another mother who must have questions about what that day led to.  And I have the answers she needs.

Your son, our son, is happy.  He is healthy.  He laughs all the time.  He loves to run and play in the rain.  I have no way to tell you this.  I have no way to let you know.  I hope somehow you feel it, as I hope that in the future, when he thinks about “that day,” he will feel your love and know that every choice that you made, every action that you took, was rooted in the deep love you have for him.



One response

3 09 2010
Sandy Shaw

I laughed I cried I sighed. You are a very talented writer and I look forward to more.

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