Knowing the Rules, Breaking the Rules, Trying NOT to Create Orphans

9 09 2010

I like to follow rules.  Now every single person who knows me in real life would say I just told a big, bold-faced lie.  And it is true that I willingly break rules all the time.  In fact just last week the only thing that stopped me from going left in a place clearly marked no left-hand turn was the fact that I could see a cop about half-a-block away.  I suppose I should have been worried about the precious lives of my children who were in the car with me.  But I could tell there was no danger.  And that is the thing about me and rules (okay laws, rules, whatever).  If I know enough to know they are unnecessary or should not be applicable in a particular situation I have NO issue with breaking them.

So, when exactly do I like to follow rules?: when I am new at something, when I don’t know what I am doing, when I don’t truly understand why a rule exists, or, most importantly, when I don’t know what the rules are.  I must know and understand the rules, and only then can I decide if I am “above them.”

So, I know one of the rules about blogging is not to blog about it.  That apparently offensive practice even has a name – metablogging.  But I think the other rule (that I know) about blogging is to write about what you are thinking about.  And I am new to blogging, so I am thinking about blogging.  And I want to know the rules of blogging.  So here I am, only knowing two rules of blogging, and believing they are in direct contrast to each other.  And, already, I am clearly breaking one of them.

Also, I learn best by being taught.  I think it is called auditory learning.  I do not learn well by reading directions.  But I am trying.  So I was reading the help section of  WordPress and here is what I found out….

“Convert Category to Tag… Keep in mind that if you convert a category with child categories, the children become top-level orphans.”

There are plenty of orphans in the world already.  And while I do plan to use my blog to talk about them, I did not plan on creating any more – even if they would be top-level.

Making a pretty blog is hard.




5 responses

9 09 2010

I’m so excited your blogging! Love it!
Here are the best tips I have heard about blogging, all though I manage to follow none of them!

9 09 2010

Thanks Megan. Love her writing. I did try to look up some other “blogging rules” the other day. But I also find when I am new at something I am easily influenced into believing whatever I read is EXACTLY CORRECT. So I am a little afraid to read rules about blogging, but I am also afraid not to. That could be the theme for the last 18-months of my life – afraid to do it, afraid not to do it.

10 09 2010
tamara b

I’m so glad you’re blogging too. Maybe you should attend a blog conference. I know of one coming up in central Iowa in Nov if you’re up for a weekend in my state. It’s at a cute hotel and you can take your fam. Interested? Let me know.


12 09 2010
Trent B.

Welcome to blogging. There are various kinds of blogging events, check out Beer and Blogs ( and Wordcamp ( Nice title for a blog, and great quote from Hellen Keller.

13 09 2010

I think the biggest rule of all is: you can post anything that is this funny 🙂

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