My Brush with Fame

21 09 2010

I’ve been wondering if I am going to blog about animal issues.  I spent most of my career trying to save animals, and since I often make friends at work, I have spent countless non-work hours talking about animals and the crazy people who either love them, hurt them or work on their behalf.  Maybe I am burnt out on animal issues, but I just haven’t felt inspired to go there… until today.

Because one of my friends just became really famous… so famous she was on the Ellen DeGeneres show.  I doubt it will go to her head though, because she is a dog.  Zuni is the third large dog to show up in the new Ok Go video.  She is a border-collie/husky mix and if anyone, anyone, anyone with the exception of my friend Anne, who Zuni happens to live with, told me they were considering adopting a border collie/husky mix I would tell them they were CRAZY.

There are a few cool things about this video:

1)      My friend, Zuni, is in it

2)      I happen to know that almost all of the dogs are “rescues”

3)      I believe that the scraggly white dog is related to my dog (they are from the same puppy-mill that, thankfully, we eventually shut down)

4)      The band is encouraging donations to animal charities (I recommend you find the LOCAL humane society or SPCA working in your community to donate too)

5)      The video was shot in one continuous take with no photoshopping – WOW.

6)      The dogs were trained and handled using positive reinforcement training.  Zuni is clicker trained and Anne never even tells her “No” let alone doing something old school and draconian like hitting her or using a painful correction collar.

Here are two links to articles about the video and the video itself.  My friend Anne is in the photo in the nymag article.  Anne is one of the things I miss most about Oregon.




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