Mid-life Looming – Goal List Update

26 09 2010

My goal list is too long to be of interest to anyone but me – well, I am honestly not even that interested in it.  So I won’t reproduce the whole thing, just a few highlights to keep me honest.

#1 –   43 Goals written on a piece of paper:  I added 12 goals #s 25 – 37

25) 43 new milestones recorded for kids

26)  43 pictures printed and put in albums for kids

27)  43 dollars made selling stuff on Craig’s List

28)  43 dog walks

29)  43 days with a clean car

30)  43 sun salutations in a row

31)  43 gallons of water drunk

32)  43 consecutive hours not touching the computer

33)  43 consecutive hours not watching tv

34)  43 times around the block or the lake

35)  43 sentences I am proud of

36)  43 followers of my blog

37)  43 plastic bags not taken at the grocery store

I have fully achieved two of my original goals.

# 11 – 43 books read with Little Dude.  I did not count a book unless he sat through the ENTIRE thing – cover to cover.  Happiest moments were when he sat through three or four in a row and anytime he picks out a book and brings it to me.  I will make him a reader, I will, I will, I will.

# 17 – 43 items donated to thrift shops or handed down to others.  I stood in my children’s room with three boxes; one for a friend with a younger daughter, one for a friend with a younger son and one for either Goodwill or the garbage.  Once I had gone through the closet and dresser I moved the boxes to the living room to organize them (of course NOT immediately – a few days later after they were in the way and driving me nuts for a while).  When I double checked the items in the girl clothes box, discarding the disgusting and folding everything else I counted them up – 43 exactly.  How cool is that?

I have made some progress in other areas.  Here are a few highlights.

#14 (43 dinners made) – I have made seven dinners since defining this goal more than five weeks ago.  This includes my standard avocado, tomato and fresh mozzarella salad (three times), one frozen pizza – although I did sprinkle blue cheese on top and two nights of spaghetti and one “home-made” pizza.  Have I mentioned how GREAT my husband is?  Only 36 more delicious meals to go.

#6 (43 consecutive days no alcohol) – I am on day eight of no alcohol… I actually consider it day 10 because the Bud Light I had last Saturday should not count – it didn’t even taste like real beer.  But to be a purist, I will say that this is only day eight.  I hope you will all join me for the beverage of your choice on Halloween!

#24 (43 something to do with sewing)- I shortened a dress and it was lined so I shortened the lining as well.  So I am way beyond 43 stitches – but I think I am going for 43 sewing projects.  The dress and lining count for two.

#23 (43 facts about Missouri, Ethiopia, etc…) – As for New and Important Facts… I have three.

1)  September 11 is the Ethiopian New Year – except during leap years

2)  There are 35 species of crayfish that live in Missouri

3)  The crayfish is Missouri’s official invertebrate

I will leave you now to either contemplate crayfish and their important roll in our ecosystem or, if you prefer, how much they taste like chicken.




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27 09 2010

I’m almost to the halfway point of 43 years and I must say I’m a little bitter about the physical things I’ve noticed so far. I love your list and perhaps doing something similar could put me in a better place with the age.

But I must tell you, #6 is pure crazy talk. I mean really, why?!

7 10 2010
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11 11 2010
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