Living in Telephoto – Goal #19

27 09 2010

Goal #19, 43 pictures I am proud of, is being seriously hampered by my photographic equipment.  One of my favorite bloggers who takes fantastic pictures (well, her children are the cutest EVER so that helps) is writing a series on taking pictures.  And she says equipment doesn’t necessarily matter.  And I am sure she is right – except maybe in my case.

I currently have three cameras available to me.  The first is my Logitech webcam which I have cleverly caught an image of here, reflected in my cell phone.  Okay, that was initially an accident, but still cool nonetheless.  The Webcam is obviously not a tool for taking photos I am proud of.  The second is my phone itself.  It is my son’s favorite toy and as you can see from the giant crack on its screen, I am not exactly careful with it.  On occasion I will snap a picture with it but the lens is so dirty that all photos appear to have been taken through a screen door.

Finally I have a Canon EOS Rebel XTi… so why in the world do I think I have an excuse for not getting a good shot?  Because the only working lens I have is a 75mm-300mm telephoto.  And I live in a small house.  So I am often backing through the dining room and into the kitchen before I can capture action that is taking place in the family room.  Or I’m backing across a bike path and 30 yards away from my kids who are playing on the edge of a pond.  For a good picture I risk having a child-welfare agency called and having my kids removed from my irresponsible care.

I have gone back and forth, should I buy another more normal size lens for the Canon?  Or should I just get a cheaper camera that also shoots video?  I decided on the cheaper camera and planned to use the cash I didn’t spend in Ethiopia to buy a Canon ELPH.  But the thing about having a house in one state that won’t sell, and paying rent in another state so you have a roof over your head… well, I have decided to buy groceries this month instead of any new camera equipment.  How is that for responsible?

Regardless of my equipment maladies, I have managed to capture a few shots  recently that can go into my “pride” file.  Although I want to amend “proud of” to “like.”  Proud is too much pressure.  It seems to imply that I think the photo is technically good.  And the first picture I want to include in my 43 is actually out of focus – but I like it.  But I don’t want you to think I am so dumb that I didn’t notice it was out of focus…Because really this is not about me and taking pictures, it is about you, and you liking me… wait this isn’t high school?  Okay, so I am proud of the damn picture, even if it is out of focus.

I think the spider is especially interesting because I had to use my telephoto as a macro lens.  My husband had to hold his finger up next to the spider initially so I could even find it to focus (yes, focus is a relative term here – cut me some slack).  Of course I didn’t have to get close to the spider to take the picture (thank you, Mr. Telephoto Lens) and my husband did, so I guess that could be considered a bonus.  (I am not actually afraid of spiders but this one was very large and  spinning a web at an incredibly intimidating rate.)

Also in the “like/proud” file, a few “close-ups” of the kids.  Of course those “close ups” were shot from 25 feet away!




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28 09 2010

okay, this is hilarious! I know exactly what you mean about the telephoto craziness – as soon as I saw the picture of that camera, I thought ‘ How big is your HOUSE? I’d have to be in my backyard before I could take any pictures with that thing!’

I really like the pictures by the water – they are great, and it seems like you are standing right there 🙂 And I lurrrrrve those red dungarees he is wearing (maybe they aren’t called dungarees where you are.. you know what I mean, anyway!)

And Mr spider is looking pretty handsome too – focus, schmocus! Nice background 🙂

28 09 2010

I think the photos are great! You never would know they are taken from across a football field!

29 09 2010

Ohhhh, I’d LOVE to have a lens like that! I *might* have a normal lens you could use. I did a quick search for it and couldn’t find it so I’ll have to ask my husband and that means it may have already disappeared/been given away, but I’ll check!

29 09 2010
Semi-Feral Mama

Jamey, that would be amazing. Pls let me know.

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