Inside Voice, Outside Voice, I Always Get Those Two Confused AKA Did I Say That Outloud?

30 09 2010

I have eaten potato chips for the last five couple of days.

I have started running with my neighbor.  She is a skinny bitch ex-ballerina.  When I notice our shadows moving next to each other I want to run home and eat potato chips faster.

I really want to add “run 43 miles” and “lose 43 pounds” to my goal list but both items seem so daunting.  I am secretly hoping to sneak up on those milestones and add them to the list right before I achieve them.  So, I cheat at my own goal setting, you gotta problem with that?

Adoption Angst: An unexamined life might not be worth living, but an over-analyzed life might be grounds for divorce.  And I am just trying to tread water somewhere in between.

The way this conundrum plays out in our house of late is perfectly illustrated by this verbal exchange shouted between the kitchen and living room while I was getting him water and he was playing fantasy football and watching the Bears deep and moving conversation…

ME:  “Do you think adopting Little Dude was a really bad thing?”

SAG:  “yea”

ME:  “Do you think the reason he looks fat and healthy when he first came in is because he was stolen from a mother who had resources and loved and cared for him?”

SAG:  “yea, I already told you yea to that one”

ME:  “Do you think he is going to hate us forever?”

SAG:  “No more than PJ”

My last, unasked question, because I already knew the answer…

“Honey, do you think I have been spending too much time on the internet?”



4 responses

1 10 2010

I love potato chips. My butt as I run down my road must be shocking to my neighbors. I think I have forced a few people off the road. (snort, snort) Ah, husbands, they are a breed apart, yes?

1 10 2010
Ms. Fricknfrack

Our family similarities continue to astound me. I swear we have the exact conversation almost nightly.

But the similarities end with that whole running thing.

3 10 2010

the overanalysed life as grounds for divorce. Hmmmmmm. Something for me to think about! (I mean overanalyse).

3 10 2010

Yes! I think those same things about adopting TK all the time. Especially before we went to get him. I do have to say that meeting his first father did help with my dilemma though. He told us some pretty powerful stuff.

I use to run. Then I decided I liked to eat more. I strive to be over weight.

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