Sunday Slideshow

3 10 2010

There is a park not far from our house that is very odd.  It has a few historic houses, a pond, an old stage they are either taking down, putting up or just covering with construction equipment.  It also has a few pens with farm animals.  There is a mama pig with piglets, a group of sheep/goats, and a young steer (until recently his mama was there too, but now she is gone.)  There is no signage near any of these things and the only other people I have ever seen there appeared to be completing a drug deal in the parking lot.   We mostly go to watch the animals and feed the pigs walnuts that we find on the ground.

"Here you go, pigs"

Little Dude excited to see the pigs.

Of course you wear a ski hat to feed pigs

Future Farmers of America

And from the bovine series….

Little Dude trying to get the steer to come closer, PJ trying to protect Little Dude

Little Dude happy, PJ worried

SAG trying to demonstrate that cows are our friends.

Steer and PJ working it out.

About 25 yards away from the animal pens…

Pet your friends, eat your friends... one more reason we are pescatarians.




2 responses

3 10 2010

Cute kids and cute animals. I love the worried kid trying to ‘save’ the adventurous kid, too cute.

3 10 2010

okay, this was funny until I got to that last photo and then it was HILARIOUS!

(I’m not a pescaterian, by the way, in the interests of full disclosure. I eat the meat. But ummm, yeah, I can see the horror-show side of that juxtaposition).

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