Just Open Your Mouth, Dude, Please

5 10 2010

As a follow-up to yesterday’s “hold off on the doctor visit” post, I confess, I have a sick baby.  Poor guy is fighting a virus and has nasty congestion.

Sick baby, tired Daddy

Normally we co-sleep.  I am a huge fan of co-sleeping, but will leave that soap box in the closet (for now).  Usually it is SAG, Little Dude, me and one small dog in our king-size bed.  The cats are locked out of the room at this point because they wake Little Dude up.

For some reason, with this virus, Little Dude has decided to try and sleep with his mouth closed, despite total nasal blockage.  This means that all night long he basically stops breathing, followed by a wheezing noise, a clicking noise, a gasping noise, a snorting noise and finally a rattling noise.  Then there is the silence of him once again NOT BREATHING.  Which part of this do you think you could sleep through????

The first few nights we stayed in bed with him and actually tried to pry and hold his mouth open to help him.  I can’t believe he didn’t appreciate our efforts.  Then we took him to the doctor to make sure we would not become the family with the oldest child to ever die of SIDS, and being reassured that there was nothing else we could do to help him, SAG and I decided to move to the hide-a-bed in the family room.  I was worried about Little Dude sleeping alone in a room for the first time in his entire life, but not as worried as I was about falling asleep behind the wheel of my minivan if I didn’t get some serious shut-eye.

Little Dude has not noticed our absence in the bedroom as he sprawls across the giant mattress all by himself.  The cats, however, have noticed our presence in the family room and are thrilled to be piled in the very small hide-a-bed with their favorite human pillows.




One response

5 10 2010

Poor little guy! These nasty germs make life miserable on the little ones which of course makes it hard on the big people. Hope he is better very soon!

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