Too Much

7 10 2010

Today was just a little too much.  Too much poorly managing timeouts with the 2-yr-old because the 1-yr-old was dunking whole rolls of toilet paper in the toilet.  Too much celebrating PJ using the potty chair only to have her and Little Dude fill it with dirt from the potted plant three minutes later.  Too much, “oh you didn’t know Dad was in the hospital with chest pains, yesterday?”  Too much rent on top of mortgage on top of can’t go anywhere or do anything because woe is me.  And way beyond the personal annoyances of my life it was too much corruption, cancer, the economy, evil governments, 10-yrs in Afghanistan, bigotry, teen suicide…

Too much to be depressed about, must find something to make me laugh.

I’ve got two places I can go that always make me laugh out loud.  But I must warn you they both contain serious, serious cursing and strangely immature, mature humor.

The first is now a book and a tv series.  I have no idea if either is interesting or funny.  Quite frankly I don’t have the imagination to even figure out how to turn this guy’s amazing observations and turn of a phrase into something for tv.  I think I will continue to follow him online.

The second I have heard is possibly fake.  And maybe it is.  I really don’t care.  It is just so damn random and ridiculous that it ALWAYS makes me laugh.




One response

8 10 2010

I’ve actually always thought the first one was fake too. But still funny.

Have you been to Awkward Family Photos? Or Overheard In The Office? Both amuse me.

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