Fun Size Posts

1 11 2010

A collection of things I thought about this week, brought to you in “fun size” packages (because my thoughts are not profound enough for full size or king size posts).

Adopted Child Versus Bio Child

Little Dude’s vocabulary increased exponentially in the past 10 days.  At 18-months old he definitely has more words than his sister did.  I had five minutes of being proud, followed by 25 minutes of wondering if his age is wrong.  (All other signs say his age is correct, and his vocabulary is not out of the norm.)  The need to constantly doubt even the most positive things may be what puts some adoptive parents over the edge.


The Haves Versus The Have Nots

I don’t remember my parents saying, “Eat your food, there are kids starving in Africa” but I know that I have been aware of this fact from a young age.  Still nothing drives it home more than having your young Ethiopian son help you carve pumpkins.  When he put the pumpkin innards in his mouth, I couldn’t really say, “that’s not food.”  If I could have figured out how to pack up our pumpkins and send them to starving people, I would have.

I am trying to remember that this guilt is a gift.  And I know that someday I will do something productive with the gift.  In the meantime, I made three flavors of pumpkin seeds.  Still blissfully unaware of starving kids, PJ and Little Dude fed most of the seeds to the dog.




One response

4 11 2010
Sandy Shaw

Ok I think I’ve signed up properly now… Enjoyed catching up on your writings!

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