Don’t Be A Luddite

9 11 2010

Have I mentioned before that we are living in a new community where we have no friends or family?  Oh, I have? Really?  Silly me.

Last week PJ was crying uncontrollably (actually she was in total control because she was half crying and half just pitching a fit) and refusing to eat lunch.  The answer to every question was “No, no-o-o-o-o.”

Finally I said, “Do you want to Skype with Grandma?”  And I got a “yes.”   I am not sure why I thought of this idea.  If I reach way, way, way back in my brain where the manipulative reptilian lives I may come up with the idea that I thought if my mother heard my daughter acting like this she would feel sorry for me.  And, feeling sorry for me might lead her to A) come visit or B) send money – theoretically for a babysitter, but since I can’t find one, possibly for a massage.

What actually happened was my daughter STOPPED CRYING.  And she and my son sat together and joyfully ate lunch with my mother.  PJ decided she WAS willing to eat the chili Little Dude was eating.  In fact, she would share his bowl and feed him a bite and then take one for herself.  All the time smiling and laughing and talking with her Grandma.  I got a couple quick chores done and my kids and my mother were happy, happy, happy.

Technology you ARE my friend.

You can see Grandma on the laptop.



3 responses

10 11 2010


My mother is here RIGHT NOW (all the way from australia) and she is feeding my children for me at the moment, for realz, while *I’m* on the computer. Weird symmetry going on there 🙂

10 11 2010

Oh my! You are brilliant!!!!! My mom only lives 30 minutes away, but I am still totally tempted to do this every time I need to get something done!

10 11 2010

Yay for grandmas. Mine just left too- it was bliss having her here and now we too must rely on Skype for another year until she comes back. Just found your blog and read the whole thing- found myself agreeing with you on everything! Well, except maybe your choice to give up cursing and drinking. I think we need more cursing on mom blogs.

Looking forward to following your travails. And most importantly, your kids are adorable.

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