Goal List Update – Try to Stay Awake

11 11 2010

As I mentioned before my goal list is getting too long and too boring for even me.  But I am feeling adrift and unlike the Carnival Cruise ship the Marines, Mexican Navy and a fleet of tugboats are not coming to save me (but at least no one is dropping cans of Spam on my house.)  So, to get back some focus in my life, I am returning to my goal list.

Goal #1, to write a list of 43 goals is now complete.  Goals number 38 through 46 (that’s right, I did extra credit) are as follows….

More goals

38)  Run 43 miles (in rather small junks – like 2-4 miles at a time)

39)  4 (times) 3 (days of food journaling) kids

40)  4(times) 3 (days of food journaling) me

41)  43 consecutive days of no gratuitous sugar (I will NOT be reading labels on bread bags, but I will NOT be eating cookies, like I had before bed last night, or cinnamon rolls, like I had for breakfast this morning.)

42)  43 minutes of getting my boobs smashed (why don’t the mammogram schedulers call me like they are suppose to?)

43)  43 boxes of Kleenex (virus number 2 of the fall has a firm grip on both of my children)

44)  43 times of NOT saying everything that I would like to – yes, I am actually going to record my attempts at being a civilized, mature, woman.

45)  4 or 3 races entered (the human race does not count)

46)  43 vitamins taken

That’s right, my list of 43 goals has 46 goals on it.  Because I am hedging my bets an overachiever.



One response

17 11 2010

I really think ‘boobsmashing’ would be a MUCH more popular medical appointment to book. You should totally copyright that 🙂

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