Reading Not Writing

15 11 2010

I have been meaning to write, but I am reading this and since I am ignoring housework, husband and children to do it, I should probably ignore my blog too, at least until I finish.

My husband was gone for five days last weekend and I had the kids all by myself.  It went very smoothly, but I was rundown and crabby when he got home on Monday.  So I said a quick hello, got in the car and went to the library BY MYSELF.  I brought home 12 books – adoption, parenting, new fiction and Ethiopia.

Please note, if you are looking to go to the library to relax and for a little pick-me-up you probably should NOT browse the “Africa” section… Darfur, Rwanda, the Congo… I walked out of the library way more depressed than I walked in.

In the end it was worth it.  Rebecca Haile (Held at a Distance) is entertaining me while teaching me things I did not know.  Oh, and I want to be her friend.  Any chance that you are reading this, Rebecca?




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15 11 2010

I took that book with me on my last trip to Ethiopia. But sadly it didn’t make it there. Well, it made it to Ethiopia but not off the plane. I left it in that damn seat thingy on the airplane.

16 11 2010

That’s on my list, most definitely.

17 11 2010

Oh,I loved that book! Enjoy!

21 11 2010
Meg B

THis is really funny. While I am not a friend of Rebecca’s my husband’s uncle is — he is even thanked in the acknowledgments! When we told him we were adopting from Eth. he sent us a copy! How funny!

By the way, I’m Meg and I blog at I somehow ended up here by way of one of the blogs I follow! I’m enjoying your posts!

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