Trans-Cultural Adoption and Inter-netty Posts – Fun Size

22 11 2010

A collection of things I thought about this week, brought to you in “fun size” packages (because my thoughts are not profound enough for full size or king size posts.)

Trans-Cultural Adoption

I read the books.  I took the classes.  I prepared to meet true racists and minor bigots with education not confrontation.  But at the six-month post adoption mark I can say I am shocked.  I believe our social worker and agency made a huge mistake.  Nothing I read or heard prepared me to bridge this gap.  The child they referred to us is a ….morning person.

I was born a night-owl.  My friends are night-owls.  I immersed myself in night-owl culture from an early age.  Sure people can evolve.  You can mold yourself to meet deadlines and society’s expectations.  I’ve even managed to keep a job at some points in my life, but 5:45 am – smiling – ready to roll?  How am I supposed to teach him how to survive as a morning person when it is a culture I don’t understand?  Sure I can say the words, “the early bird catches the worm” but I believe that he knows I am really thinking, “who the hell wants a worm?”

Do you think we will have to disrupt?

Turkey Tipsy

On Thursday morning you will find me here .  My sister is 45 and the single mother to two pre-teen boys.  She works a crazy schedule but for the last few years has managed to make jogging a regular part of her life.  I am the stay-at-home mother of two toddlers.  Because I want to live to see them graduate from college, I recently started running.

My sister did a 5k sometime in the early 90’s.  She absolutely swears that she finished dead last.  I however have much more road racing experience.  I did a 5k in December of 1990 and another in March of 1998.  With that much experience what could go wrong?  Thursday morning we will be trotting in Long Grove.  We will be at the rear of the pack.  I thought I wouldn’t take the kids with me, but then I realized the baby jogger has four cup holders.  Mimosa anyone?

Proof You Can Adopt AND Support Your Child’s Birthplace

Just in case you don’t read this blog, although I suspect you probably already do, I want to draw your attention to how one AP is supporting the original friends and relatives of her children.  If you haven’t read her before, you’re welcome.  (Just please don’t leave me for her, because you and I have only just met.)  I will say, she wrote a post back when I was still in the “Should we do this really? Really? Are you sure?” stage that convinced me that this was the right path for us.  (I know I should link it directly, but hey, I have been up since 5:45 am.)

Anyhow, she is doing something really cool for her children.  She is raising the money to build a library in the village where they were born.  What could be better than that?  And you can help.

Yes, Some Adopted Kids Are Lucky – The Ones That Have These Dolls.

Oh, and one more thing, I have been planning to buy dolls from Autumn forever.  In fact, she and I exchanged emails in September and talked about her doing customized dolls, one with blue glasses for PJ and one with a beauty mark for Little Dude.  But then the blue glasses broke, and instead of getting the kids dolls for Christmas, I bought PJ new glasses.  But now Lori is working on adopting a big sister for her fabulous son.  And they are holding a raffle of one of the dolls that Autumn will customize for the winner.  I think it would be awesome if you entered, just don’t plan on winning because that doll has our name written all over it.

(In case you are wondering, I don’t know these people in real life, but I am being all inter-netty and pretending I do.)




3 responses

23 11 2010

You crack me up so much. I totally LOVE the title for your final point – I snorted out loud when I read that!

23 11 2010

just found your blog & absolutely loving it–funny,smart and informative, exactly what a waiting AP needs/wants while waiting the wait…thanks!

27 11 2010
Tonggu Momma

After six years, I can tell you that you WILL survive the worm-getter, but it won’t be easy. My Tongginator STILL wakes up at 6 AM every morning. And I? I am so not a morning person. And yeah, for some strange reason, I love her anyway.

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