How NOT to Choose a Babysitter

1 12 2010

I am pretty sure I mentioned this before, but in case you weren’t paying attention I am not the center of your universe, we recently moved from a community we love, Corvallis, Oregon.

We enjoyed most things about this small University town with its great climate, abundant natural beauty, and friendly, like-minded people.  However, one of our main complaints was the lack of diversity.  As a University town it does have a wide array of people that it draws from around the world.  But it tends to just be a handful of people from here, there and the other place.  There is also a decent size population of internationally adopted children – which is cool, but doesn’t necessarily meet our hopes and dreams.  As a west coast city it is home to numerous Hispanics and Asians, but the bottom line is that it is seriously lacking in black/African-American/people of recent African descent.  In fact it is lacking to the degree that it is nearly impossible NOT to notice people of color (POC).  This was a big concern for us during the adoption process and one of the reasons we were so thrilled to have the opportunity to move to our new, much more diverse, community.

Many of you may have just crossed Corvallis off of your places-to-live list, which really is too bad because again, if you haven’t been paying attention I am not the center of your universe, we have a fabulous house for sale in that town.

For those of you still reading not in the market to buy a home right now, I will continue my story.  So, you are not exactly sure where Corvallis is but are thinking, “Hmmm, I know I recently heard about Corvallis but can’t remember why.”  I got three words for you Mohamed Osman Mohamud, the wanna-be Christmas Tree bomber.

Now take a close look at his picture.

Yes, pissed off, but also handsome.

He is a handsome young man and clearly has the features of someone “from the Horn.”  I know I would have noticed him.  In fact, I probably would have stalked him trying to discern if he had an accent and if my assumptions were correct.  If the opportunity presented itself, or I could in anyway justify it, I would have introduced myself.  I am actively seeking role-models from eastern Africa for my children – the closer to Ethiopia the better.

Yes, I probably would have asked him to babysit.  See, moving was a good thing.


PS  If you don’t follow the news closely you may not know that someone committed arson at the Corvallis Mosque over the weekend.  Fortunately the community as a whole is rallying around the Islamic Center.  And I really, really love the statement that the Corvallis Islamic Center released.




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4 12 2010
Tonggu Momma

My MIL lives in West Salem. We were so sad to hear about the fire. And glad that the bombing was averted.

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