Llamas Are Stupid

2 12 2010

Book Review

Title: llama llama red pajama

Author: Anna Dewdney

Plot: Mama Llama puts Baby Llama to bed.  Baby Llama gets lonely, scared and worried and needs a drink.  Mama Llama is doing the dishes and gets a phone call.  Baby Llama, whimpers, whines, cries, screams, yells.  Finally Mama comes running.  Sure she is mad for a minute (after all drama rhymes with llama) but very quickly it is cuddles, kisses, loves and hugs.

Personal Experience: We have had this book for 36 hours from the library.  I have read it three times, out-loud, to my daughter (yes, I am an idiot).  My smart 2 ½ yr old LOVES this book.  Baby Llama is her new role model.  The last three bed times (nap, night, nap) have been three of the worst we have ever experienced.

Recommended for: Parents who do not care if their children go to sleep.  Parents who want to encourage their children to have a fit at bedtime.

Disclaimer 1: There is a series of Llama llama books.  They might not all be pure evil.  The art is cute and the rhyming is nice.

Disclaimer 2: I do not work for the publishing company (just in case you thought I did.)




4 responses

2 12 2010

I recently read Llama Llama Mad at Mama in which baby llama has enough of shopping (at Shop-O-Rama of course). So if you’d like shopping meltdowns, try this one next.

2 12 2010

Yeah, I was surprised when they read this at the library reading time. Almost covered Peter’s ears. It’s not the llamas that are stupid.

2 12 2010

Who can resist even the title of this post? Hilarious! That book should have some kind of warning label, it’s only fair.

2 12 2010

This cracks me up. I’m the scholastic book order person for our preschool, and I noticed several parents buying this book. I wonder how their bedtimes are going 🙂

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