Mush Moments

6 12 2010

I love my son and daughter absolutely equally and in the same exact way.  But lately I have been having many more mush moments with PJ.  Her language acquisition is exponential right now and with that comes the ability to appreciate her sense of humor, her creativity, basically the workings of her mind.  So on a daily basis she amuses me, surprises me and makes me melt.

After putting on a new pair of boots and convincing her brother to try on her old rain boots she walked out of the room saying, “Everybody wearing boots.  Everybody looking cool.”

A few days before that she was really squeezing her bother;
Me: “Gentle, gentle with your brother.”
Her:  “I can’t, I love him tooo much.”

I know all toddlers go through this phase of language development, and I have decided it is perfectly matched up with their defiant phase.  That way when as a parent you are just about to kill your child, she will say something that makes you forget you were ever upset.

Maybe Little Dude noticed how this language acquisition is working for his sister because just as he has reached new levels (and I mean literally crawling on the stove top, the inside of the bathroom sink and the second shelf of the entertainment center) of challenging me, his language skills are also taking off.  It  is exciting and cute when he says new words like “thank you,“ “truck” and “grandma“, but that is nothing compared to when we have whole conversations – even if he just uses one word.

Last night we were laying in bed together for awhile and I was unsure if he was actually asleep yet or not.  He had rearranged himself, than rearranged my hand so it was on his belly just where he wanted it.  There was only about three inches between our faces but the shadows fell in such a way I couldn’t really tell if his eyes were open.  He moved slightly so I could see his eyes better and knew he was awake.  I whispered (rhetorically – I thought) “Do you know how much we love you?” And he softly said, “Yeah.”

Warm love bubbling through my insides.

But, I am me, so of course I wanted more…
So I said, “Daddy loves you.” “Yeah.” “Mommy loves you.” “Yeah.” “PJ loves you” “Yeah” “Aunt Kristen loves you.” He nodded his head. “Cousin Parker loves you” Nod. “Cousin Kip loves you” Nod. “Grandma loves you” Nod. “Grandpa loves you” Nod.  Throughout the entire conversation he kept his head just a few inches away from me and was staring in my eyes.  Yes, mush, complete and total mush.

Did we fall quickly asleep wrapped in a warm blanket of mush? No.  In fact a few minutes later in an effort to keep himself from falling asleep he started pumping his fist rhythmically in the air… the move his 12-yr-old cousin was trying to teach him all evening.  Apparently secure in the love of his family, he is preparing to audition for “Jersey Shore.”




4 responses

6 12 2010
Meg B

So very sweet. Thank you for sharing this.

7 12 2010

You are a mushy mama. love it.

7 12 2010

yeah, THIS is why I want my kids to start talking 🙂

8 12 2010

I love this. I love these moments before falling asleep and those wonderful conversations.
The Jersey Shore bit made me laugh

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