Apologies and Appreciation – Metablog Style

7 12 2010

I started reading blogs at some point in the “are we really going to adopt?” process.  While not a blogaholic, I appreciate what they added to my life, especially my adoption journey.  Like a good novel, there have been some that kept me up until 2 am reading.  Despite that, for the most part I have been a lurker.  I guess the concept of the interactive potential of this medium was lost on me.  Plus,  I didn’t have a blogger ID or whatever the heck it is that makes it possible to post comments easily.  And I abhor the thought of posting anonymously (probably because just the act of reading blogs used to make me feel like a stalker).

Eventually I had something to say that was SO important I just had to comment for the sake of the universe.  After that you just couldn’t shut me up.  Then my comments got so long I thought, damn, I might as well use that Journalism degree for something.  So I started Semi-Feral Mama.  I mean, having moved and not having any friends, I was talking to myself anyway.  I figured I might as well be writing it down.

I don’t know what I thought the purpose of blogging was for me when I started.  But I knew quickly I wanted people to read it.  Yes, me, who loves to be the center of attention, go figure.

So, I wanted people to read it, but I didn’t want to tell people about it.  I want people to like it, but I don’t want to seem desperate.  Yes, the 7th grade just keeps repeating itself over and over and over again in my life.

And now I feel like I have been asked to the dance because I have had lots of hits on my blog lately.   Probably because Tonggu Momma linked to me in her Sunday Linkage.  If you are not familiar with this, you should check it out.  Every Sunday she serves up a full meal of, “Really?”  And, “That person is TOTALLY wrong.” And, “I had no idea.” And, “Wow, someone should just unplug his computer.”  I would love to dedicate every Sunday evening to just reading her links.  I think I will start after Amazing Race ends the holidays.   I am honored that she linked to me.

WordPress (my blog platform) feeds my 7th grade ego.  It has a groovy little stat counter that lets me know how many people have checked out my blog.  If you are thinking of starting a blog I highly recommend you get one that has a stat counter (maybe they all have them, I am really clueless).

Now, the apology.  To all the bloggers who amused me, entertained me, enlightened me, angered me and even to those who bored me…. I am sorry I never commented on your blog.

Now the appreciation.  To those of you who are reading this, I am grateful.  Thank you for making me part of your week and for moving my stat counter.  I hope you keep coming back.   Maybe someday you will want to comment.  I will even be fine if you comment anonymously.  After all I know how getting the stupid ID things can feel like a big hurdle.  Your comments can just be a friendly hello or something more profound.  You could say, “My name is Jenny and I am an Aquarius.”  Or, “Hey, this post made me think.  Did you see what I had to say about the same topic here?”  Or you could say,  “I totally disagree because this, that and the other thing.”  Or you could even say, “Journalism degree?  Really?  How come you don’t know the basic rules of punctuation?”




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7 12 2010

I like your blog. I want to have wordpress one day. I like the way you write. I agree that commenting is important. Only when I am very busy do I not comment. I particularly like the title of your blog, that is brilliant.

7 12 2010

I totally disagree- cause, ya know, because of this, that and the other thing. I think I’ve commented before- but we can all use a boost now and again. ps- 7th grade was the WORST!

7 12 2010

I live in Corvallis and had I seen you when you lived in Corvallis I would’ve smiled at you just because you had little children with you. I’m like that, always have been and probably always will be, even when I lose my wits, is I do. I just found you, but I’ll be visiting often.

7 12 2010

My name is Jenny and I am an Aquarius.

7 12 2010
Semi-Feral Mama

You guys are funny – and some of you lie.
The title Semi-Feral Mama comes from when I used to work at animal shelters. It usually refers to the cat who acts normal then surprises you with a wild attack.

8 12 2010

Here’s my comment.

8 12 2010

I don’t remember what movie it’s from, but this post makes me think of, “He likes me. He really, really likes me!”

8 12 2010

You have a great writing voice so please keep writing! And on another note, nice photo of your familia, but let’s see a visual of SFM too so I can put “voice” to face:)

8 12 2010
Semi-Feral Mama

Thanks for commenting.
Sue, while I don’t feel “home page ready” I do frequently appear in Sunday Snapshots/Sunday Slideshows… You can find me on the posts from October 24, November 21, and December 5. I also appeared with a beer (don’t tell my Mother) on October 31.
Jan, I like that you feel confident you would have smiled at me… but with the way my kids are behaving lately you might have smiled at them, and given me a dirty look.

8 12 2010

A journalism degree … it all makes sense now. Here I’ve been trying to be as sarcastically witty as you, when really we were on totally unfair playing ground the whole time. I barely made it through comp 1 & 2 in college. I feel slightly better about the whole thing now.

p.s. fellow readers … She’s as funny in person too – or maybe that’s just when she’s in Africa???

9 12 2010

Shonda, I’ll vouch for her humor in this country too 🙂

9 12 2010

Yeah, you got linked TWICE! You are totally in the process of being poached by the cool girls. And you KNOW that the day is coming when you’ll be pointing at your current blog friends and saying ‘yeah, I *used* to hang out with them, but that was before I met you guys.

It’s coming. You heard it here first.

11 12 2010
Tonggu Momma

Have you heard our feral cat story? Because it’s a doozy. *grin* I am a committed lurker, for sure, and on most blogs. Sorry I don’t comment more. I just save all of my wit and charm for 2 AM, when I’m writing my own posts. Heh.

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