Bah, Humbug – Woodland Creatures

15 12 2010

This is the super cool advent cabin my mother sent the kids for Christmas.

This is the dialogue that takes place every time we go to open one of the doors…

“No, not that one.



PJ it is Little Dude’s turn.


If you don’t listen I am putting it away.

Careful, careful, careful!

Hold-on, I’ll help.


I know it is hard.

Hold on.


Now, open it.


Unwrap it.

Don’t eat it.

No, don’t eat the wrap.

Please pick that wrap up and hand it to me.

What did you get?

Oh, I think it is a squirrel.

Don’t eat it.

Take it out of your mouth.

Wait, PJ.

You get your turn tomorrow.




Okay, I am putting it away.

Where did the squirrel go?”

This is where we are keeping the Advent Cabin.  You can’t tell because I am still Living in Telephoto but it is on top of a speaker, on top of a armoire.  I have to stand on my tiptoes to reach it.

This is where the animals are kept after they have been released from their trap doors.  PJ can actually reach them.  Little Dude can too if he really tries.  But they are dumped so unceremoniously and as far out of eyesight as possible.  So, for the most part the kids are leaving them alone.

A close up.

What they might look like in future years when they are actually age-appropriate for my kids.

So, did you notice the wolf and the chipmunk are the same size?  And the bunny rabbit towers over the black-and-white grizzly bear?  Yep, it is a brain like mine that can take all the fun out of Christmas.

* this is the first in a series of Bah, Humbug posts. Coming soon, A Christmas Compromise and Tis’ Better To Give Than Receive




3 responses

15 12 2010

Niiiiice. yeah, that whole lack of anatomical correctness in regard to size with the advent creatures would make me nuts, not to mention the kids not WAITing and them swallowing the creatures. Some things really are better enjoyed just a tad later in life. That lovely little cottage sitting high atop the armoire is so me, now I know why I like you so much.

16 12 2010

Hey, my mother sent me the same little cabin for my daughter this year! We haven’t gotten to a grizzly bear yet, though…but my daughter has already broken the nose off one of the ducks by dropping it! She’s three. I keep trying to tell myself that twenty years from now I’ll see that noseless duck as a cute reminder of my girl when she was little, right now I’m just annoyed that we can’t have nice things anymore…

16 12 2010

ahhh! who doesn’t love inaccurately sized little animals!
Sam has NO interest in anything holiday-y but for lights. he LOVES the lights. on neighbor houses, light poles in town, our mini tree….anything. He only likes holiday cards that have pictures of people he knows or trains. nothing else. If cars came out of the little house THEN Sam would like it. Is there a car version?

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