Bah, Humbug – A Christmas Compromise

16 12 2010

The holiday spirit has not arrived at our house in its usual fashion.  Considering my husband never really wants to get a tree, even when he is feeling festive, I knew he didn’t want one this year.  And I knew he was right. Our toddlers are enterprising, athletic and freakishly strong.  On a normal day we can’t keep them from climbing, touching and tasting anything and everything in their path.  And every inch of our rental house is already full.   Or is it?

Remember when I mentioned that my cats are not using the litter box quite as consistently as they should?  (That’s public relations speak for they’re peeing on the floor.)  Well, we have the short hallway between the kitchen/dining room and the bedrooms baby-gated at either end in order to prevent them from entering their self-designated bathroom.   All day, everyday we walk through the living room and around the “long” way in order to keep the baby-gates up.  Yes, that means we have an entire (okay 5-foot-long) hallway of wasted space, that is already cat and kid proofed.

So on Tuesday I took the kids Solstice Tree shopping… (yes, we celebrate Christmas but I am really frustrated with those who think anything other than Christmas is inappropriate at this time of year.  After all, it was a Solstice Tree long before Christ was born.)

As a kid I hated Christmas Tree shopping.  For some reason I look back on the tradition of my sister, Dad and I heading out to the nursery and I absolutely cringe.  But this was different.  With less than two weeks until Christmas, it was great.  There was hardly any selection of trees left.  I could not agonize.  My kids are too young too agonize.  I found our tree in under five minutes.  I called my husband at work and said, “I bought a tree.  You have to pick it up on your way home from work.  It is going in the hallway where the cats pee. Thanks.  Good-bye.”

We haven’t decorated it yet.  I need said husband to help me get the decorations out of the attic.  And I am pretty sure Scrooge would be more willing to help than my husband.

In the meantime, here it is.  Doesn’t it look pretty?

Bonus - the smell of douglas fir is covering whatever other smells might be lingering in the hallway.




7 responses

16 12 2010

That’s fantastic!

16 12 2010

Oh that’s hilarious. We have a tree sitting in our living room right now that has been in there for a week with no decorations on it because our cat (one fat ass cat) sits in it most of the day hurling herself up and around the tree. I sense an impending disaster.

16 12 2010

Oh my word! That is the most awesome Christmas/Solstice tree I have ever seen. I tried baby gates, but Joseph has a magical way of dismantling them, so the baby gates failed. It is sort of eerie how similar those little buggers are! I can’t wait to see them play together in January … you’re still coming, aren’t you?

Please please promise you will take another picture after the tree is complete with lights and decorations. I would pay extra for pics/video of you decorating the tree.

17 12 2010

Oh my gosh, you are hilarious. I love the solstice tree!

17 12 2010

A life-sized pine-scented airfreshner? Fantastic. Why didn’t I think of that…I’m sure it goes a long way freshening the garlic-onion/poo diaper/dog combo we have going on most days.

17 12 2010

I want to come over and help decorate 🙂

20 12 2010

And as a special bonus… you only have to decorate two sides of the tree! LOVE IT!

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