The Whole World In My Hands – Fun Size

28 12 2010

A collection of things I thought about this week, brought to you in “fun size” packages (because my thoughts are not profound enough for full size or king size posts).

PJisms – Jeopardy Style

#1  Answer:  Opie Murder

#1  Question:  What is a hot breakfast cereal and currently her favorite meal?


#2  Answer:  Opieada

#2  Question:  Where was Little Dude born?


#3  Answer:  Zeddie Bones

#3  Question:  What did SAG want for lunch the other day, so we needed to remember to buy them at the grocery store?


(#1 Oatmeal, #2 Ethiopia, #3 Veggie Dogs – we have a cat named Zed so you can imagine how confused I was by this one.)


The Dog Whisperer

All day long, our dog follows me around from room to room frequently falling asleep under random pieces of furniture.  During nap time he helps me put both kids to bed.  This means he often gets locked in a bedroom where a toddler is sleeping.  When he wakes up and wants to come out he goes to the door and barks, one time, really, really quietly so that the sleeping toddler is not disturbed.  How cool is that?  He is the dog whisperer.


The Whole World In My Hands

When I first started dating SAG back in the dark ages mid-80’s he only shopped at upscale, specialty stores.  He had never been inside a TJMaxx.  Thank goodness I was able to show him the error of his ways.

After more than 20 years of training, the guy is now a superior bargain shopper.  And that is why I do not have to feel guilty at all about my new-to-me, supposedly-blemished-but-we-can’t-find-it, $50 iphone.

I am slightly intimidated by the thing, but I love maps.  So today I was messing with the maps application.  My fingers allowed me to fly around the world and zero in on Ethiopia.  I was able to locate both the Addis Ababa hotel I stayed in and our agency’s care center right next door – both clearly labeled – on MY phone.  So cool.




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