I’m An Unconscious Plagiarizer

31 12 2010

I published a post about two hours ago and my brain felt agitated.  Like I had a small sore on my gum so my tongue just had to keep pushing, pushing, pushing at it.  What was that tickle in the back of my brain?

Holy… I might have just plagiarized someone.  Read a blog, read a blog, read a blog….  C’mon THINK.  I read something, she used the word awesome, she made fun of herself for using it… Oh No, I just did the same thing with the word stellar.

I didn’t mean to.  Stellar popped into my brain.  Then a voice making fun of me popped into my brain.  (That is often how it works in there – I know, there is medication I should be taking.)  I found it funny.  I wrote it down.  I edited multiple times.  I published it.  I went for a walk.  A third voice in my brain broke through… I think it was being held down and gagged by the other two voices for the past couple of hours.

The third voice said, “Hey, don’t be a plagiarizer or you won’t have any cyber-friends.”

If you had asked me an hour ago how much time I had spent reading blogs in the past few days I would have said… “Me, I have been way to busy for that.  Maybe a few minutes.”

However, I just had to quickly scan through all the blog posts I read in the last few days and I have to say… it was way more than a few minutes worth.

But, I found it.  The person I UNCONSCIOUSLY copied off of.  (No, not in high school – I never cheated in high school, Sister Agnes Joesph, I swear.)

A huge apology to Tonggu Momma. I did not mean to steal your… well, what did I steal?  your self-deprecating humor?  I guess the voices in my head want to be like the voices in your head.  I apologize for them, for all of them.




2 responses

31 12 2010

I’m sure I’ve done that before too. My memory is crappier than yours for sure, so I think I have this genius idea for a post and then hahahaha no, it’s from someone elses blog. DOH! I wouldn’t worry about it.

31 12 2010
Tonggu Momma

No apologies!!!! You are FINE — I didn’t think anything of the sort, although I did laugh a lot at the post! *grin* And now I am feeling all embarrassed and honored now. Thank you.

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