Eight Months, Two Days

5 01 2011

If you haven’t adopted internationally, or for some reason are not ridiculously familiar with Giardia, then you should probably stop reading this now.  For the five people who are still reading, I apologize in advance.

But I have huge news to report.  Apparently Little Dude does have a cellular calendar.  It is located in his gastro-intestinal track.  And exactly one day after living with us longer than living in a care center, it happened.  Solid.  Yes, really and truly.  Not just pretend it is getting better, hope it is getting better, maybe it is more like stew than broth, maybe it is more like hummus than yogurt.


Click here to know exactly how I feel.






8 responses

5 01 2011

WWWWWOOOOOOOHHHHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took Sam about 10 months…the day he started potty training : )

5 01 2011

OMG–8 plus months of Giardia! I so do not look forward to that aspect of IA. I’d be celebrating too!

5 01 2011

Yeahhhhhh!!!! No one who has never gone down this road will ever know what kind of incredible praise a solid turn can ignite!!! Congrats Semi-Feral Mama! Joseph hit solid about two months ago. Don’t be discouraged if he occasionally has stew or soup mixed in. It will go back to solid; or at least Joseph’s did.

5 01 2011
Meg B

Congrats! I very apprehensively clicked your link…I wondered if you had provided photographic evidence of the “solid.” Even still…I clicked…=) Ha!

5 01 2011
Tonggu Momma

Whoot! Whoot! (The only thing I dread worse? Scabies. *shudder*)

5 01 2011

To Tonggu Momma

Ahhhh, scabies … not so bad. It could definitely be worse. Some cream for all overnight and next morning washing all bedding and voila … cured! (most of the time). Now lice … that would be worse!

p.s. One year ago, the idea of bugs crawling under my (or my son’s) skin would have possibly sent me to an insane asylum.

5 01 2011

🙂 Haven’t been there but I am very, very happy for you. And Little Dude.

Side note: “Hallelujah” is one of the words P. can say well… yes, he’s still way behind PJ verbally.

6 01 2011
Chez Sanderosa

8 months of this?! Whoa! Congratulations, Little Dude!

Our Little T has been off and on w/ the solid since we treated him for Giardia, and I will admit that when this morning was solid, the first thing I thought was how exciting that was and I needed to remember to tell my husband. Never knew we could be so excited over a solid, right?!

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