Ganna, No Ganna

8 01 2011

We had planned to celebrate Ganna with three families from our May travel group and a handful of other Ethiopians.  Shonda was going to host.  On Wednesday I mail ordered injera to be delivered to her house.  Thursday night I shopped.

Last night I cooked atakilt wot.

Obviously I was proud of myself and planned to blog about it. Come on, the recipe required eight ingredients and about six spices, way beyond my normal four ingredient limit.

This morning I went through our traditional Ethiopian outfits to see what I had that would fit the kids.  PJ was so excited to wear her scarf on her head.  We have been talking about this trip to Kansas City for days.

Once I had clothes picked out and breakfast taken care of, I got ready to cook Tofu Dorowot.  I had been counting on SAG to prepare at least one (actually both) of these dishes.  He is a great cook and I am so not.  But he has numerous deadlines at work and just couldn’t take the time.  Plus, the atakilt wot smelled great, so I was feeling emboldened.

Then I noticed my iPhone said I had a bunch of new emails.  Could it be people commenting on my blog?  I better check.  The subject line read “CANCELLED – Ganna Celebration”.

It seems the host family has the stomach flu.  And we do NOT want the stomach flu.  We are glad they sent the email when they did.  And we are sorry they don’t feel well.  We hope they feel better soon enough to eat the injera. If you clicked over to Shonda’s blog you probably read that she has a huge aversion to cleaning up vomit (who doesn’t really?)  But I am thinking, if they can’t EAT the injera, maybe they can find a way to take advantage of its absorbency.

We served Little Dude and PJ a traditional Ethiopian-American lunch of atakilt wot and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  They liked the wot!

It may not have been the Ganna celebration we were hoping for, but I am feeling pretty pleased with my first attempt to cook Ethiopian food and especially with my kids willingness to try it (yellow vegetables all mushed together – I would NEVER have eaten that).




4 responses

9 01 2011

Altkit wot is my favorite. I used to use a recipe but don’t anymore. Just garlic, carrot, cabbage & potato, saute in olive oil (I don’t use the butter), then add veg broth. I season with salt and berbere. That’s pretty much it. (I’m getting the feeling you’re veg? If you are, I have an amazing 4 ingredient soup with berbere & chickpeas. AWESOME!)

10 01 2011

No, vomit is never fun! Sorry you didn’t get to see your friends but sounds like your kids loved the food. Hi- I saw your link somewhere….. clicked, and here I am. Your kids are adorable!

10 01 2011
tamara b

man, I’m still bummed we didn’t get to see you! would have loved to try your traditional food!

11 01 2011

I’ve never thought about using injera as a mop for vomit, but i will store that away for the future.

you funny.

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