Trip Alert Alarm Activated

10 01 2011

Back in the day, SAG, had a Mitzubishi Mirage (think Dodge Colt).  For years whenever we planned a road trip the Check Engine light would come on.  This phenomenon was so reliable we used to call it the Trip Alert Light.  We had no money to fix whatever might be wrong with the car, so we just ignored the light.  After we had been on the road for a day or two, it would go off.

Fortunately, the Mirage has long since been replaced.  Unfortunately, the Trip Alert Light was also replaced, by my low back.  Seems every time we have something great planned my body rebels.

When PJ was six months old we planned a trip to Sayulita, Mexico.  Our friends had just moved to this sleepy surf town and we wanted to take advantage of having a free place to stay.  I hoped to use our five days there to hone my surf skills.  True, skills may be a strong word for the three hours I spent surfing the year before but it was something I was really interested in and was looking forward to.

Two days before we were supposed to leave, I tweaked my back.  It was so bad that I was frozen, bent over and my husband had to fold me into my car and drive me directly to the chiropractor.  He got me straightened out enough to go to Mexico, but I had a hard time just walking on the beach.  Surfing was out of the question.  (This wasn’t the first time my back tweaked right before a trip to Mexico, but this post is supposed to induce sympathy and if I talk about going to Mexico more than once, well, you probably won’t be nearly as sympathetic.)

Flash forward to last spring.  On our second night in Addis, the night before I was going to meet Little Dude for the first time, I sat on our hotel room floor doing a little yoga and gently stretching my I-just-spent-24-hours-traveling muscles.  I thought this was such a great idea:  get centered and take care of myself in preparation for taking care of Little Dude.  Guess what?  My back tweaked again.

It wasn’t as bad as pre-Mexico, but it was pretty close.  I was about to meet my son for the first time and I could barely move.  In the next few days I went through all the pain meds both my traveling buddy and I had brought for 10 days (and believe me we had both been really prepared.)

Flash forward to today. I am leaving on Wednesday for a long-awaited vacation that was supposed to include at least one day of snow-boarding.  Guess what happened this morning at the grocery store?  You got it!  My Trip Alert Alarm went off and now I am limping around like an 80-yr-old.

I guess I should know better than to take the kids to the grocery store shortly before nap time on a Melt-Down Monday.  Standing in the cheese section trying to get one toddler into the Ergo while simultaneously preventing the second from falling out of the cart, with both of them screaming and crying, and gee, I forgot to tighten my core muscles to protect my back.

I guess, based on the way they were behaving, I should be glad that I just tweaked my back rather than actually dying of embarrassment, which at that point was a real possibility.

I wonder what the TSA people will think when they scan me and I am wearing three of those heat wrap things?  Well, once they x-ray my purse and see a bottle of Advil, a bottle of Aleve and a bottle of Extra-Strength Tylenol, maybe even they will feel sympathetic.



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10 01 2011

If you put one of the heat-wraps on the front, super low (aka: just above the pubis) then they’ll think you are having a “lady day” and will be SUPER nice to you. Especially if it’s nap time and the babes are misbehaving.
Just a thought.
And really, I don’t hate you for 2 Mexico vacations…you recently lost your hot tub which undoubtedly would make your back feel better, so hating you for Mexico would just seem cruel.

10 01 2011

You forgot to tighten your core to protect your back? What on earth were you thinking?

Seriously that was the funniest thing to me that I’ve read in a long time.

Now what you need is a pre trip alert alarm. Plan your trips, then two days before departure, have someone jump out and grab you and send you on your trip early. Done and done. You’re welcome.

Honestly I am really sorry you’re hurting. Vacations are badly needed and it sucks yours is starting off painfully.

10 01 2011

So well written and funny it’s hard to keep in mind that pain is the underlying theme. Good job. So sorry. See you soon?

10 01 2011

Ahhhh, I didn’t know you were doping on pain meds the whole time in Ethiopia. No wonder you were so much fun 😉

11 01 2011

Argh. It’s so hard to take care of kids when you are in pain. I hope the back issue resolves itself quickly. Sounds like more than a tweak.

11 01 2011

Oh noooooooooooooooooooo! So sorry to hear this! (Although yeah, I enjoyed reading about your pain. Sue me 🙂 ).

11 01 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

Hmmm, Claudia, you gave me an idea… do you think I could sue the grocery store for having those fancy car carts that my kids love? The sides are so high, I am sure they are unnecessarily dangerous. Yes, I am sure it is someone’s fault that my kids are wild and now my back hurts. And I am sure that I can not possibly be responsible for these things myself. Who to sue? Who to sue?

11 01 2011

Oh man. How do we have so much in common? I have a similar Trip Alert but mine is of the puking, headache, body ache, general sickness variety. It never fails. We fly somewhere and I get sick.

Ben just loves this. He especially loved it when we landed in London for our honeymoon.

You can always lay by the fire in the lodge and drink hot toddys. I hear they help back pain.

19 01 2011

Ouch. I just get pimples.

I know this is way late, but I hope you were able to have some, er, a lot of fun!

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