Notes From My Vacation – Fun Size

21 01 2011

A collection of things I thought about this week, brought to you in “fun size” packages (because my thoughts are not profound enough for full size or king size posts.)

Making Connections

Looking for Ethiopians in Kansas?  Check out MCI (aka Kansas City International Airport.)  There seem to be quite a few Habeshas working there.  I said “Selam” to most and had nice conversations with two of them.  I felt no compunction smiling big and saying Selam… afterall, even if the person wasn’t Ethiopian, he/she works at an airport and could easily write me off as one of the hundreds of crazy people they encounter daily.

Who Are You?

We traveled specifically to join a group of friends on our annual MLK weekend in Bend/Sun River, Oregon.  This year the group consisted of 10 kids four-years old and younger, a five-yr-old, a seven-yr-old, 14 adults and one dog.  With the exception of one baby born since we moved, PJ knows all of these people.  Little Dude was meeting everyone for the first time.

True to his nature, it took him about 10 seconds to warm up to the group, and then he was off and running.  But in a total deviation from her normal self, PJ was not just “shy-at-first” but was borderline neurotic.  Eventually she would play and hang out, but with every coming and going there was a whole new adjustment period.  And then, WE MISSED A NAP.  Oh, Demon-Child, you look so familiar, and yet there is NO WAY you are my daughter.

Wanna Talk Ethiopian History?

Jarra’s (15th and Hawthorne) in NE Portland, Oregon has wonderful food, but most importantly, the Ethiopian owner loves to talk about the history of his country.  A couple of warnings:  1)  If you want a fast meal, don’t start chatting about Ethiopia  2)  If you are offended by national geographic style nudity, you may not like some of the art work  3)  If you have a special allegiance to any tribe in Ethiopia that is not OROMO, you may end up offended.  The owner is an Oromo-phile.

Veterinarian Math

I love my veterinarian’s office.  This is a strange thing for me to say, a really, really strange thing.  (And I was just about to explain why when I realized that is probably better left for one or two independent posts and a couple visits to a therapist.)  So I felt really confident when we decided to board our little mutt there while we were away.  I was pleased and shocked when I heard that their daily rate for dogs under 15 lbs was only $15 (we took our own food).

Anybody want to guess how much the final bill was???  I will give you a hint, 7 days x $15 may have equaled $105.00 when you and I took math… but we never learned the special math they teach at Vet School.  Because our bill was $304.15!!  (Vet exam, a HUGE variety of vaccines, medicine for diarrhea – which he probably got from the huge variety of vaccines, a fee for each time the dog received the medication, etc…)

DVM may equal  Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, it also equals Distorter of Variable Math and Discoverer of Vacation Moula, Department of Vafrous Money-Making and Deceitful Villainous Millionaires.

Post-Vacation Vacation

Vacationing with two toddlers is not all that relaxing.  Odd sleeping arrangements, eating out and meeting new people daily are not the things that keep toddlers on an even keel.

I was ready to be home yesterday, when we were SUPPOSED TO BE home.  Ahhh, but the stupid blizzard, lame windshield wipers and crazy drivers had us holed up in the La Quinta Inn last night.

I am really ready for a vacation.

I don’t know why they were grumpy.
They got to nap, at least a little, everyday, in the car, usually.



6 responses

21 01 2011

Awesome post. Thanks for visiting. Sorry for weird vet math. Wonderful kids… wonderful kids. I’m kicking myself for not taking photos.

21 01 2011

I think you have profound thoughts, but more importantly, you are really funny. And I like that. I can just see you in the airport handing out “Selams” left and right!

I recently got a quote from our vet for a home visit to put our cat down. It was unreal, I lost consciousness there for a minute. I like “Deceitful Villianous Millionaires.” Perfect.

21 01 2011

Did no one tell you that vacations are not vacations with kids? The word has been stricken from my vocab. I say lets call it what it is: a trip to go visit family, or something. Or “abyss of poor sleeping and whining in front of relatives we see only every other year for this exact reason.”

The sleepy pics are cute though.

21 01 2011

I got invited to Christmas, er Ganna dinner just from saying selam our airport. Geez, those Habeshas are a warm and welcoming bunch.

And the vet math – totally another reason why I hate math.

21 01 2011
tamara b

hee, hee… I was cracking up at your vet stuff of course. I think I’ll have to share the list of what DVM stands for with the DVM I’m married to. I’m trying to think of more positive spins on the DVM to share with him too but can’t yet… Definitely Valuable Man… that’s too corny. Anyway, gotta love vets in the city. They’re a totally different breed than our rural clinic.

BTW, reading your post made me really sad that we didn’t get to see you while in KC. I wish I would have offerred to drive and meet you somewhere away from the sick people. Next time I’ll be smarter.

24 01 2011

Yep, I know that ‘oh, NOW i need a vacation’ feeling. let me know if you find out how to get one!

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