That Mother – Joins A Gym

22 01 2011

I have decided to join a gym and have been checking out facilities.  The highest priority is the childcare center.  Do the staff members actually interact with the kids?  I chose poorly two years ago and after three attempts to leave PJ in the childcare center, I changed my workout routine so that she never had to go again.  I do not want to make the same mistake twice.

This week I checked out the two facilities most likely to fit our needs.  And in both locations the staff did seem to interact with the kids.  But in both locations there was a large, flat-screen television turned on.  I am not a purist.  We allow our kids to be in the room while the television is on.  PJ now has a routine of watching cartoons in the morning.  Fortunately, Little Dude is not interested.  In general, we try to follow the American Pediatric Association’s recommendation that kids should not watch television until they are two-years-old.

More concerning than just having the television on, was what the second gym was choosing to play, some Disney-esque fairy tale complete with a very scary looking witch.  I know that if I leave my kids there, PJ will be interested in the television.  And I know, for sure, what they were showing today will frighten her.

Will I have the guts to walk in and if no kids are watching it, ask them to turn it off?  Or ask them to change the channel?  What if kids are watching it?  And, no doubt, the staff  will NOT be pleased with me.  Will this affect how they feel about my kids?  Yes.  Will this affect how they treat my kids?  Maybe.

Life was easier when I could pick a gym by the class schedule, the number of elliptical machines or how hot the staff was.

As an aside, the second gym, which was quite swanky, had a fireplace in the lobby.  (Who doesn’t want to sit in front of a fireplace after they have worked up a good sweat doing cardio?)  And, because this is the south, there is a deer head mounted above the fireplace.  I actually wondered to myself, could there be some kind of motivational message there?  But the only thing I could come up with was, “If this deer had worked out more, maybe he could have outrun the bullet.”




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22 01 2011
Meg B

A gym I used to belong to would hold these happy hour-like events w/ food and booze. One time they actually served pizza! I was like, what in the world is this?! The last thing I need to do at the gym is eat pizza! Good luck with your decision and I say, “yes” ask them to turn it off (then tell us how it went!)

22 01 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

Last year about a week after Halloween, my water bottle would not sit straight in the cup holder on the exercycle at the gym… because there were three candy wrappers stuffed in there.

22 01 2011

Do you have a Y close to you? That’s where I go/teach. Not that all Y’s are created equal but one of the Y’s in our association always seemed to have the TV on when we went in the childwatch. I just respectfully asked that, when I was there, if there was any way to NOT have the TV on just for that hour, I would really appreciate it.

A few weeks after I asked that, they told me it was actually really fun to watch the kids play/color, etc without them being distracted by the TV!

So “yes” ask about that!

Good luck. The comment on the deer made me spit out a bit of wine on my computer. Totally worth it.

23 01 2011

hahahaha about the deer out running the bullet. I know, it’s so much harder now w/kids, right? Good luck finding the right gym. I know I am still flabby cuz I am still looking. And it’s totally the kid’s fault—has nothing to do with my motivation, snort snort.

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