Goal List Help Needed, Please

24 01 2011

I need help with at least two items on my goal list which I have blogged about here and here and here.  (I should probably just make this a “widget”.  And if I actually understood what THAT meant, I could count that as a “new and important fact” that I have learned.)

Item # 21:  Save $43 using coupons.

I know there must be more to couponing in the digital age then just getting the Sunday paper.

Please, I need tips, ideas, websites….

Item # 23:  43 new and important facts I will learn about Missouri, Ethiopia, Buddhism, Yoga, Child development, Home Improvement, (any topic that is relevant and not ridiculous – pop culture, sports statistics and where to get the best Mexican food will not count)

Remember any topic that isn’t pop culture, sports stats or restaurant tips is fine…. and I may bend the rules for interesting sports stats.  Please, teach me something that is both semi important, but interesting enough that it will stick in my brain.

Oh, and I already know that E = MC(squared) – although I don’t know how to make the two go to the right place with this silly program.





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24 01 2011

I posted a request for info on my FB page.

24 01 2011

groupon.com is good. And golly there’s a blog w/ coupons, I’ll hunt that down because I used to use it a lot. BUT it’s not fresh food, and not veggies/fruits, mostly cereals, breads, pastas, etc. So it really depends what you buy. And diapers, but not the kind we use.
Speaking of which, Diapers.com has sales all the time.
And Children’s Place…go online not in the stores. Target will send you them. That’s convenient and includes fresh foods. Oh, and Costco. If you are a member you get those as well.
Sh*t, I just remembered you moved and don’t have a Costco. Okay, erase that part.
Astrophysics fun fact of the day: Dark matter constitutes 80% of all matter in the universe.

24 01 2011

Coupons? You make me laugh. I could never be that organized. Unless it’s an online coupon, I will google for those for free shipping at least.

Missouri is home to the world’s largest ball of twine, the world’s largest pecan, and the world’s largest shuttlecock (google it, I dare you). The world’s largest set of praying hands is in Webb City, MO. In Columbia it is illegal to have a clothesline, and yet it is okay to drape your laundry over your fence.

And, in case you were wondering about your neighbor, Illinois, here’s a couple of facts. Olney, IL (my mother’s hometown) is the home of the white squirrel. No kidding, they are everywhere. Illinois has more nuclear power plants than any other state. The rest of the power is supplied by coal plants.

Betcha learned more than you figured, huh? You’re welcome.

24 01 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

Christine, you think I am afraid to google shuttlecock? I had two people find my blog by googling basset hound testicles… I wonder what kinds of email offers they get?

24 01 2011

Did you know that not all Ethiopian Ethnicity’s consider themselves Habesha? In fact they would consider it insulting.

That’s all I got. I don’t even remember the history on why- all I know is my son is not Habesha.

24 01 2011
24 01 2011

Wait, what? What am I supposed to do? You want some fun facts?

Did you know that between 8 and 15% of the worlds population is left handed. And 1% is ambidextrous. Handedness is usually decided between 3,4 or 5 years old but the later a child decides the more likely he is to be leftie. And if he doesn’t decide for himself, he will likely use both hands as an adult.

You’re welcome.

By the way, I am ambidextrous.

24 01 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

Thanks, Vicarious.
Shannon, I did know that about Habesha – I just chose to ignore it in one of my recent posts (that is why I am a blogger and NOT a journalist!).
LIttle Dude is not Habesha either because he isn’t Tigray or Amhara (at least that is the way I understand it).
Assuming Wikipedia is correct, and I actually understand it.
I would actually love to ask my “new friend” in Portland about it.

24 01 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

I always wanted to be left-handed. And, I was once in a meeting where almost 50% of the people there were left-handed. (My father is a lefty – and is so bummed that his grand-kids aren’t. One is ambie… and, well, there is still hope for Little Dude, but so far he appears to be right dominate.)

25 01 2011

Get the fuck out of here right now. Ooops. Can I say that on your blog? Sorry, but this insanity has got to stop right this minute. I wanted to be left-handed like my whole entire life. In school, I forced myself and must say I can actually pass for a left-hander. I refuse to let my children use their right hands. My version of Amy Chua.

25 01 2011

There are such things as cookie cutter sharks. They glow in the dark and like whale blubber… but have been known to confuse submarines for whales.

26 01 2011

Okay, speaking of sharks (well, Erin was) did you know that sand tiger sharks give birth to live young, but don’t have a placenta? The source of food for these baby sharks is…. THE OTHER SHARK FOETUSES. There are lots of sharks conceived, but as they grow, they eat each other in the womb until only a few are left. Google ‘adelphophagy’.

You’re welcome.

30 01 2011

Clearly I don’t read your blog frequently enough. I’m clearly your coupon girl. You need the following web sites: coupons.com, redplum.com and smartsource.com.

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