From Fear to Joy and Gratitude

5 02 2011

Friday, February 5, 2010

Email to Agency

4:29 pm

We are thrilled to accept this referral.  We can not wait to welcome Little Dude into our home.

Next steps?

One of original referral photos, probably taken in early September


Email to friends who were not part of the “talk Semi-Feral off the ledge” team.

7:34 pm

After a long week of trying to figure out stuff that can’t be figured out, we accepted the referral of a beautiful, nine-month-old baby boy.
Pictures cannot be posted on internet sites, etc… but I can share with friends.
So here he is…
Oh, and we haven’t picked out a name yet… we are open to suggestions, though.

One of five original referral photos probably taken in late October or early November


Email to friends who were forced to talk me off the ledge.

7:41 pm

I have a few friends that are like sisters… I can tell them my deepest, darkest fears and secrets and they pretend to understand.  Okay, well my sister who is also on this email, doesn’t always pretend to understand… but sometimes her brutal honesty is exactly what I need.

In a week when I didn’t like what I was thinking and feeling, when I really didn’t like who I was, I had friends who I could talk to.

I am so grateful to you.  And SAG, who could never carry the weight of my craziness by himself, is also very grateful.  Let’s hope baby boy is also grateful.

Probably taken the first week in February when we requested additional information. We received this in late February.





3 responses

5 02 2011

Glad to hear that you got to this place and that you have good friends who understand you, or at least listen 😉 Sounds like they love you. That kid is scrumptuous.

5 02 2011

I thought your first picture was Ray when I first saw it! It looks so much like her’s. Same pillow. Same colored bed. Same pink shirt…haha. (okay, it wasn’t the same shirt)

8 02 2011

Ahhh, Little Dude looks so tiny in these pics, but you could never mistake those amazing eyes for anyone else. Love the mohawk he’s sporting in that first referral pic. You had to know what a cool kid you were getting based on that pic alone!

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