Shhh, Can’t You Tell I Am Trying To Read?

9 02 2011

I LOVE to read.  I love to read more than almost anything – except my children.  And if my children would allow me to read more, I would love them even more.

Lots of times I choose to watch tv instead of reading.  Why?  Because watching tv is relaxing.  TV turns my brain off.  Reading turns my brain on.

Reading is engaging.  Reading is all consuming.  When I was little and my family went on vacations, my sister would hide my books from me to force me to play with her.  If the protagonist in a book is miserable, and I have to stop reading for something inconvenient like, going to work, or talking to my family, you can bet that I am going to be in a bad mood and probably not even recognize why.  If all is right in the protagonist’s world, then all is right in my world, even if things are actually woefully wrong.  The scary thing is I didn’t really recognize  this literature-induced, emotional rollercoaster until some time in my 30’s (my apologies to all former room-mates, boyfriends and family members.)

Guess what? I like this rollercoaster.  However, you can imagine, that I am not necessarily the best mother when I am really engaged in a book, especially a difficult, depressing book.   That fact, along with our practice of co-sleeping with Little Dude (oh how I miss reading in bed) has impeded my ability to read at the rate I prefer.  However, goal #10 on THE LIST is “Read 43 books – picture books don’t count”.  I started slow and now have lots of ground to make-up before my birthday in early July.

Here is my list to date:

  1. Comfort Food Kate Jacobs
  2. Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress Susan Jane Gilman
  3. I Love Everybody Laurie Notaro
  4. I See You Everywhere Julia Glass
  5. Baby, We Were Meant For Each Other Scott Simon
  6. Held at a Distance Rebecca Haile
  7. Committed Elizabeth Gilbert
  8. Talk Before Sleep Elizabeth Berg
  9. The Nanny Diaries McLaughlin and Kraus
  10. I’ll Mature When I’m Dead Dave Barry
  11. Happiest Toddler on the Block Katz (90%)
  12. An Hour Before Daylight Jimmy Carter
  13. 1-2-3 Magic Dr. Thomas Phelan
  14. Sh*t My Dad Says Justin Halpern
  15. This Is a Soul, The Mission of Rick Hodes Marilyn Berger

Currently reading:

Black Faces in White Places by Randal Pinkett and Jeffrey Robinson

Open by Andre Agassi

Say You’re One of Them by Uwem Akpa

Long May You Run by Chris Cooper

Some of these books are total fluff (Comfort Food).  Some are old favorites (Talk Before Sleep).  Some are much needed discipline advice (Happiest Toddler, 1-2-3).

Some are fluff with a purpose… The Nanny Diaries.  As I see it this book has two purposes.  First, it makes you feel like a good parent, because no matter how bad of a parent you are, you are a better parent than the parents in this book.  Second, it makes you happy to be middle-class, because clearly rich people are really messed up.  And, it is a quick read.

Some of these books are humor, fast reads that made me laugh out loud (I’ll Mature When I am Dead, Shi*t My Dad Says).  This genre is appealing to me more and more because I can get lots of books read and because, well, umm, I guess I sometimes try to be funny.

And some of these books are life-changing.

If This is a Soul doesn’t make you want to be a better person you are either already a REALLY amazing person, or you are soul-less.  This is a Soul makes me want to buy a bigger house.  What?  Because then I can host children from Ethiopia pre and post surgery.  This Is A Soul makes you think about God, coincidences, the Universe, how and why things work the way they do.  This Is A Soul makes you look into your own soul.  Oh, and it is also a fast read.  Amazing.

Actually took this picture for another post I drafted about reading... two months ago. Maybe I should read a "how to overcome procrastination" book.

Meta-blog Epilogue

I know the formatting on this post is hideous.  I know I need to pick a new style sheet or dump wordpress.  I am however proud of the fact that I am willing to send this post out as ugly as it is.  It means I have taken another step forward in my life-long battle against perfectionism.  And, I have books to read so I really do not have time to mess with my blog.




5 responses

9 02 2011

Thank you for the reading list. I am going ot get on the library website and order me up some stuff. btw, you are very funny. I adore reading. My two favorite activities are reading and walking. I sound like a whole heap of fun. If only I could read and walk/hike at the same time. (No, I am cannot read on a treadmill. I think I would throw up or possibly get very seriously injured.)

p.s. thanks for the comment about my outfit. you are right, I am my own rainbow, embarassing as it is.

9 02 2011

I too am a big reader. I used to consume a book in 24 hours (before Sam), but now in about 1-2 weeks, depending upon length. I am lucky to be able to read on the train during my 20-30 min commute morning & night. I devour historical fiction and am currently in the midst of the Clan of the Cave Bear series which is fantastic. I also love cerebral detective works, like the Pendergast series (by Douglas/Child). Reading is the ultimate escape and I read books that have nothing to do with my boring life as a malpractice attorney. Oh and Twilight, but don’t make fun of me for that. I wasn’t popular or pretty in HS and longed for the hotest guy(s) to like me.

9 02 2011
Meg B

Great list, I am always looking for new books to read. The Rebecca Haile and Scott Simon books are both quick reads — great ones too! I’m reading A Gate at the Stairs by Lorrie Moore; it has an adoption slant to it and the writing is amazing!1

10 02 2011

I’m glad you post and let go of your perfectionism even for a bit.

12 02 2011

WHEN??? When do you have time to read? (and blog)

I used to be a big reader. Right now I’ve misplaced Moby Dick: good read for a busy person ’cause the chapters are tiny.

LOVED the cover photo for “This is a soul”. I may have to read that.

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