Not As Tired, But Still Not Deep

19 02 2011

So, last night’s post was written mostly for ME.  I did not plan to post it, unless I could somehow make it funny.

I honestly meant to push Save Draft, I never meant to push Publish.

And now I have to try to balance the Universe.  Since I put out a fair bit of negative energy with that post, I will try to put out at least that much positive energy.  Which I am sure I can do because I am in a really great mood.  (Did you believe me?  I didn’t.  But I have heard if you say things like that again and again it can help.  I am in a great mood.  I am in a great mood.  I am in a great mood.)

I love it when I get a good parking spot (which is almost always because I have the world’s greatest parking mojo.)

I love it when my little dog lowers his tail so that he can be more aerodynamic when he runs on his four inch long legs.

I loved driving in my minivan last night with my kids, my sister, her kids and their friend, jammin’ to old hip-hop including Shoop by Salt-N-Peppa.

I love making pre–teen kids laugh by driving through random peoples’ circle driveways.

I love when a waiter gives us two huge handfuls of fortune cookies at the end of the meal.

I love simultaneous naps.

I love the way Little Dude’s cheek feels on my decolletage as I “rock” him to sleep in the Ergo.

I love using the word decolletage but only in writing because I feel foolish trying to pronounce it.

I love my new dentist and hygienist.

I love traveling with my small dog except he gets lost in the mini-van because he is the size and shape of a small shadow.

I love my mini-van.  That’s right, I do and I am not ashamed to say it.

I also love driving a convertible and nice luxury cars.

I love spring skiing/snowboarding.  It’s been years, but I know I love it.

I love the relationship between my sister and my daughter.

I love when someone gives me good advice and I follow it.

I love when I know the right answer.

I love when I don’t know the right answer, but know that I don’t know, and remember to just shut up.

I love laying in warm sand.

I love late afternoon sunshine.

I love the fact that I could easily list about 30 more things and I have already surpassed my hate list.

I love that thinking about this post actually put me in a better mood.

I love the skin on the back of my children’s hands.

I love that I am trying to wrap this up but just keep thinking of more things I want to list.

I love reading a book that I get so excited about, I just have to talk about it. (Thank you to Malcolm Gladwell.)

Seriously, I am sorry about last night’s post.

I hope today brings you a long list of things you love.




9 responses

19 02 2011

I thought your post last night was hilarious. Of course, I wrote a blog post today about dog crap, so what do I know. Maybe I’m just negative and shallow! I think you did your karma good with this post. And I love that you chose decolletage instead of “that space between my boobs”.

19 02 2011

I love this post.

The next time I see a circle drive-way I must do this. There aren’t many of those in Portland though. This trick of yours reminds of the round-a-bout in my little hometown, near the airport. When it first went in, my best friend and I would follow each other in our cars to and from each other’s houses, driving through the roundabout in circles, especially if my little brother was with us. After about the third time round, we were all laughing hysterically.

19 02 2011

The only reason I did not comment on last night’s post is because I could not think of anything funnier than what you said. I did find it was so funny, not icky at all. I love to complain with the right person, it’s therapeutic and funny. And I love to laugh.

This post made me happy in a different way. What do you love about your mini-van? My friend has parking mojo and when I go to meet her places, I curse her as I park far off in the distance. She double parks at our kids’ school, for pete’s sake. Most importantly, I must know how Malcolm Gladwell is getting you excited. I recently read (listened to books on tape in some cases) to almost everything he has ever written and I have quite an affection for him.

19 02 2011

OMG, You said Malcolm Gladwell. You just sent Christine into spasms of happiness. 🙂

I love this list. I loved last night’s list too. It’s all good.

19 02 2011

Every time I get a really good parking spot, I think of you. And I think of going to American Dream. I was always especially amazed at your parking mojo there.

20 02 2011

God, I mean Semi-Feral Mama, I think I’m the only one who never read any Malcolm Gladwell. I’m getting that same feeling as when people go on and on about how they used to be a vegetarian and I’m all excluded and stuff. I need to get this Gladwell dude. And by get him, I mean punch him. Kidding. It’s early morning here and because I woke up only to remember we drank the last of the coffee last night with our dinner guests so we have none this morning (WHICH I HATE) I am in a serious haze. Did I mention I HATE no coffee in the morning? But enough about me. Like everyone else, I love what you wrote about circle driveways. Also, I thought your post before ennumerating the things you hate was funny and not offensive. I should go now before I am officially the crazy person leaving you an inordinately long comment (tooo late, I HATE THAT)…

20 02 2011
Meg B

Loving all the love in this post. Minivans, huh? =) I just downloaded Outliers and am not super motivated to read it. I also loved his other books, so facinating. Have you ever seen him interviewed? Interesting guy for sure!

Everyone is allowed a ranty/negative post from time to time. It’s therapeutic, right?

20 02 2011
Courtney Rose

I also love this post. Especially because you love your mini-van (that made me smile out loud).

In addition? I loved the last post. I’m one of those people who don’t respond to important emails and I feel like total shit about it. Sorry because I know I’ve done that to you.

Tends to have a glass half empty….


22 02 2011
tamara b

warm sand… mmm, I want!

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