Sunday Slideshow

27 02 2011

I thought this would be an entire post about how much “crafting” with my kids brings me pain joy.  How the 15 minutes of set up time, and the two days of clean up time, is well worth the 20 seconds minutes of happiness they get out of the project.  I planned to write how I enjoy seeing their creativity, teamwork and individual style, how I just like to jump in stand back and watch the hot-mess beautiful creations come to life.

But, the mess has been cleaned up for a couple weeks now.  The posters are still hanging, bringing color to our life-less, rental-house-beige walls.  And I have almost forgotten how truly controlling I can be.  Therefore, I think it is time to break out some beer green paint and get started on our St. Patrick’s Day drinking decorating.

In case you are thinking, she is looking at her hands believing it feels "gross," I assure you she is contemplating her next move and just how much of the room she can cover with these two handfuls.

In case you are thinking, that doesn't look TOO bad, I assure you this was the very beginning of the process when I could still breath and therefore snap "cute" photos.

In case you are thinking, these look great and Semi-Feral can't be that much of a control freak, what I notice most about these pics is that there should be a comma between You and Daddy. Although, I do also think my palm print contains a map of a South American-ish shaped Africa.




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27 02 2011

‘Crafting’ just didn’t appeal to me… until Martha Stewart landed one in my inbox that involved melting wax w/ a hot iron. That’s the kind of craft I and my boys can appreciate. The results were quite fun. And the mess is still not cleaned up (I tell myself I’m leaving it all out in case we want to do it again).

27 02 2011
Meg B

Crafting has never been my thing and I too tend to be a bit on the control-freaky side. All the mess, crumbs, smears and drips will be tough for me to handle…

27 02 2011

Yeah, crafting is a mess, but it really kills time on a cold winter day when you’re stuck inside with nothing else to do, right? Besides, they look so crazy– er– I mean, they look so happy!!!! Love the projects. Seriously, that is some nice looking artwork you guys produced. Two thumbs up.

28 02 2011

CUTE!!! Love fingerpainting!

28 02 2011
Gina Umble

Go to Joann’s (do you have Joann’s?) and buy 2 yards of table cloth pad, it comes on a 60″ roll, for your table. When we’re done I crumple it in a ball and throw it in the closet for next time. It’s only $1.99/yd or something like that. It really helps with the mess anxiety.

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