7 03 2011

On Saturday night it was my turn to put Little Dude to bed.  I use the Ergo at nap-times, but when it is my turn in the evening, we usually just cuddle in bed.  We were laying next to each other and he was in “child’s pose.”  With his head half buried in a pillow he started singing a song with only one lyric….

“Happ-y, Happ-y, Happ-y”

Yeah, Dude, me, too.  Me, too.




8 responses

7 03 2011

Wow. That says so much. Love it.

8 03 2011

Oh, sweety-kins. I love child’s pose.

8 03 2011
Meg B

Awwww, so sweet. Happy happy indeed.

8 03 2011

Love it! How’s PJ doing?

8 03 2011

oh, dangit, that’s lovely.

8 03 2011

He is so so so cute. I love it when kids sleep with their butt in the air like that.

p.s. Does he ever take that tie-dyed shirt off? Just checking – it is so cool, if I had one like it, I probably wouldn’t.

8 03 2011

Cute, cute, cute! Love when they sleep with their little butts up in the air!

9 03 2011
il panettiere...

I’m not even kidding when I tell you that Leone has been singing that exact same song. Not even.

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