“Choose Your Own Adventure” Posts

17 03 2011

Do you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure Book series?  They were books written in the second person, and as the protagonist you got to steer the story by making choices.  “If you follow the masked man into the house –  turn to page 21.”  “If you go home and get your binoculars so you can hide out in a tree and watch the house –  turn to page 29.”  Those are completely made up examples but they are more-or-less how I remember it working (30 plus years later.)

Well, I have a few blog posts mostly written.  Each contain some good stuff and a whole lot of crap other stuff.  None ever come to a conclusion.  They might have come to a conclusion if it wasn’t for my children daylight savings time.  Actually, they all might have concluded with me pushing delete.  Blaming my kids or daylight savings time is simply a cop-out.  Regardless, I am thinking of turning the posts into a “Make Your Own Ending” blog series.  Then my readers could choose how to tie up my rambling posts into something coherent and worthy of being read.

Basically the way it could work is this:  I publish one of my half-assed half-finished posts.  Then in the comment section YOU could write a nice, succinct ending to my post.  Or, you could simply write, “Wow, that was total crap.  You should have just pushed delete.”  Really, it would be your choice.

PS  Do you think this is the blog idea that will finally get me noticed by a publishing company?  That is a rhetorical question.  The answer is, Yes, if by noticed you mean, “Put this girl on a list of authors likely to never finish their submission.”




5 responses

17 03 2011

yes, love it! Do it!

(and if I had a publishing company, you could publish whatever you liked, daylight saving time or no).

17 03 2011

of course you should do it. I love this kind of stuff.

17 03 2011

Wait, you mean, you start a post and we end it? Hell, I can’t even finish my own posts now I have to finish YOURS too????? SFmama, you’re killing me!

18 03 2011

I found several drafts on my blog list just yesterday, but still couldn’t bring myself to delete them. I say we just cut and paste the good parts into one long and rambling post and let people make of it what they will!

19 03 2011

Bring it on!

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