I am NOT Paranoid – Fun Size

19 03 2011

A collection of things I thought about this week, brought to you in “fun size” packages (because my thoughts are not profound enough for full size or king size posts.)

Who Invited The Brilliant Kid?

I accidentally started a playgroup.  I know, hurray for me, the woman who has spend the last 10 months complaining that she doesn’t know anyone.  Oh, and I really like the parents and the kids in my playgroup.  It couldn’t be better.

Except J.  Actually, I really like J.  He is always happy, always friendly,  likes to share.  Only one problem with J… he is three weeks older than Little Dude and I am pretty sure he can recite Shakespeare.

I was happy that Little Dude started to put two words together… “Up” is now “Up, Please.”  Of course, this is what Little Dude says when he wants me to roll DOWN the window in the van.  Still, I was completely satisfied, satisfied until we started hanging out with cute, friendly, happy J.

Seriously, I like you alot, J.  But these long conversations that you are happy to carry on with me, that are perfectly in context, in which you enunciate clearly and actually make a point, well, they are really getting on my nerves.

I know they say you should never compare children.  That is excellent advice.  Here is another piece of advice; don’t allow geniuses into your playgroup (no matter how charming they or their parents are.)


Reading and the iPhone

I just read Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson.  It is a true story about a mountain climber turned advocate who is raising money and building schools in Pakistan, Afghanistan and probably some other stans.

This is the first time I have read with a book in one hand and my iPhone in the other.  It was an amazing experience.  First, I could look up the words that I didn’t know the meaning of (usually I just skip them thinking  – it can’t be THAT important.)  Also, I could look up Muslim phrases, words and concepts.  My understanding of the book was completely enhanced by this capability.  And to be able to do it quickly without having to get off my lazy ass to find a dictionary losing the flow of the story was awesome.

But the very best part was using my Maps app. I was able to follow Mortenson’s journey by satellite (or regular) map as he traveled in the Himalayas and described ancient trade routes through remote areas that have become such significant factors in our modern lives (think Bin Laden’s favorite cave).

I highly recommend both the book and the iPhone.  And to truly get the most out of your reading experience,  you will also need a Diet Coke and a bag of Red Vines.


More Proof That You Can Adopt And Support Your Child’s Birthplace

Last fall I wrote about Julie and the amazing things she is doing to support her Ethiopian born childrens’ birthplace (library, school and well!).  Now I know another set of parents who are about to do some amazing work in Ethiopia to support their son’s birthplace.

Tamara is an agriculture expert.  Her husband, Ryan, is a veterinarian.  How auspicious that their talents are needed in the same area where their beautiful son, Judah, was born.  Check out Tamara’s blog if you want to find out how you can help Ethiopians in the Wolita region develop the tools they need to have long-term food security.


Does Your Computer Ever Send You Messages Through Word Verification?  Yeah, Mine Doesn’t Either – That Would Be Crazy.

Do you ever think the Universe is trying to send you a message through word verification scrambles?  I have only commented on two blogs tonight.  The first word verification I got was Horde.  Yeah, no kidding, Universe, I know my house is disgusting.

The thing is,  SAG is out of town and the kids are behaving in a manner I have never experienced before (but I suspect it resembles the way crack addicts behave).  Earlier tonight, as I made my fourth attempt to get Little Dude to sleep, I could hear PJ dragging furniture down the hallway.  It started me thinking, “If she really gets hurt and I have to call 911, the authorities will take her away.  Not because of suspected child abuse, but because of the state of my house.”  Then I started wondering if they would think it was strange if I met them in front of the house and refused to let them in.  Really, I need to quit blogging and do some dishes.

And if Horde wasn’t enough, the word verification for my second comment was poecrunt.  Interpret it at your own risk.




10 responses

19 03 2011

I have thought the exact same thing about word verifications.

It is important not to compare kids. Abe was that kid who was extremely verbal at an early age, so much so that our neighbor with a son the same age was pretty worried. She was mildly obsessive about it, and I never knew what to say. Now, they are pretty much at the same level verbally yet Abe is just now getting his colors right and has almost zero concept of numbers. So you know, a lot of it may be developmental.

19 03 2011
Meg B

I hear a lot about comparing your kids to others; it sounds like everyone does it whether you want to or not. I guess it all comes from a good place…wanting and worrying about your own. We are not yet parents, but I’ve always worked in schools and when they are little like that they are developmentally all over the place. In time it all evens out…early elementary-ish.

I find super verbal toddlers unnerving.

19 03 2011

SF-mama I feel completely betrayed by your apparent love affair with your iphone. I thought we had a bond here. When did this happen? I thought you were on the same page as me with my loathing of the “smart phone”.

I had noticed though, that I kept saying on my blog all sorts of snarky things about the phone and how SF-mama and I both share a hatred of the phone and your comments had dropped off. I had a sneaky suspicion your feelings had changed and now I see I was right.

I guess it’s just me. All alone. Out here in luddite-ville. Go ahead. Look it up on your phone. I’ll just go cry into my paper dictionary. Boo hoo.

19 03 2011
tamara b

Glad you’re enjoying your iphone ap to look up words that I can’t even pronounce.

Funny that I was reading your blog and was excited to hear more about helping my child’s birth family and then had to puase and laugh when you were writing about me. I so don’t feel like an expert BTW.

One thing I’m really hoping to do is get a better map of the Wolayta region so I can compare where places are. It gets crazy confusing.

Love your snack-size posts. And the one about J made me laugh. I had those kinds of talkers. But my first two were super slow at everything else – like walking at 16 months.


19 03 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

Yes, Leigh, I went over to the dark side, and I am enjoying it. Why don’t you join us? You can find the way by using the Maps application on your smart phone.

19 03 2011

First of all, I don’t have an iphone. I have an android.

Must. Be. Different.

Which translates as:

Cannot. Figure. It. Out.

19 03 2011


20 03 2011
Scooping it Up

dude, a few weeks after my kid was born at 28 weeks i got a word verification that said “pre term.’ i kid you not. freaky shiz.

i bought three cups of tea for my FIL for christmas having heard it was good but i never read it myself. he said it was awesome and picked up the next book, Stones into Schools. Also wonderful I’ve heard.

I too am living in the stone age. Some dip-crap idiot at Target told me recently when I came to get a new charger because a child had broken mine “oh, your phone is so old I do’nt know if we have chargers that will work for it. I haven’t seen that phone in years.”

I bought the phone in 2009.

Vocab look up though: that sounds awesome. Also, red vines. Really hard to find in Beantown.

21 03 2011

Um, yeah, well if your little dude has got ANY words he is not coming to play at our house, okay? Because my little dude still has none.

Oh, except ‘daddy’.

Twenty months old. And he totally rocks the house at pouring water from one cup into another, lest you think I’m concerned about him overall, but still. I don’t even want to be in the same TIMEZONE as that freaky kid you’re talking about.

Hang on, I’m not. Well, that’s okay then.

25 03 2011

LOL. I got a word verification yesterday that said “asole” and I immediately thought of this post 🙂

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