Triple Your Donation – This Week Only

23 03 2011

Yesterday was World Water Day.  As per usual, I am late to the party.  But at least I was invited.  And so are you.

This week ONLY there are donors standing by to triple your donation to Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children – FOVC.

FOVC is not religiously affiliated.  It was started by an Ethiopian (from what I can tell this is crucial because Ethiopia has some screwed up interesting laws governing which not-for-profits are able to help Ethiopians.)

Little Dudes’ Birthday is two weeks from today.

Although he is not from Wolayta, he is from an area very near this spot.

Helping the people of Wolayta is easier this week than ever.  In honor of my son’s birthday, I am going to help.  How about you?



4 responses

23 03 2011

helping with you : )

23 03 2011
Scooping it Up

Thanks for the heads up, will go dontate right now. We are huge FOVC fans. We sponsor a little boy through them and I love that they help facilitate contact. We exchange letters a few times a year and this past year even got to send him a few books and shirts for Christmas. It is very meaningful for our kids to have a face to our “giving.” Anyway, FOVC is legit, and I hope their donations grow grow grow!

23 03 2011
tamara b

WOW, that looks much better on your blog than it does mine! Hmm. Thanks for sharing and participating. Much love, T

25 03 2011

okay, just done it! Thanks for the link!

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