Small Talk – Fun Size

27 03 2011

A collection of things I thought about this week, brought to you in “fun size” packages (because my thoughts are not profound enough for full size or king size posts.)

Enjoying the Weather?

I have lived in five states and one Canadian province.  Everywhere I have ever lived (and most of the places I have ever traveled) I have heard the same exact weather joke…

“Don’t like the weather in XYZ?  Wait five minutes, it will change.”  Ha, ha, ha.

However, I have never seen weather quite like we have been experiencing here in Missouri.

During the last three weeks we have had three separate snowstorms – including one that dumped more than eight inches.  In between snowstorms, we have had playground weather.  Many, many days with temperatures above 65, a few about 70 and we even made it into the 80’s one day.

Alas, there is snow on the ground again today.  Good thing I haven’t removed the Cat-Pee-Solstice-Tree-Yardstick-Of-Meteorology from the yard.

Last Sunday


Buried under that snow are my flip-flops that I left out last week when playing in the yard with the kids.


Hello, Selam

In January, I blogged about stalking Ethiopians at the Kansas City airport.  In February, I took it one step further, knocking on the car window of a man in our library parking lot (alas, he was Kenyan).  I am also trying really hard to start a friendship with Joesph.  He is a Rwandan who stands at least 6’5″ and sometimes shows up at our Friday play place.  I will admit I thought there was a slight chance the Kenyan was Ethiopian.  Joesph, well, I knew he wasn’t, but I was sure he was African.

However, I am narrowing in on my targets.  Yesterday at Sam’s Club I threw a “Selam” out at a man whose name tag read “Gerbere.”  Did you guess Eritrean?  You were right.  Of course I did NOT have Little Dude with me.  But you can bet I will find a few extra reasons to be frequenting Sam’s Club and I will be taking my son.


How Are You?

To tell you the truth, things kind of suck around here.  Both kids have been suffering from a stomach bug.  I will spare you the details, but please know that they are sick, sick, sick of Bananas, Rice, Apples and Toast.  Still, that is what they are eating 90% of the time.

I have been trying to plan a get-away but don’t want to do it all alone.  I thought I would be traveling with my BFF whose father died a few weeks ago, but I guess I am not her current priority.  Why can’t everything be about me?

And, a woman I went on a group vacation with a couple years ago just died a tragic, unexpected death.  I will spare you the details of this as well, but please, all you outdoorsy types, make sure someone knows exactly where you are going in the woods and exactly when to expect you to be back.  Independence is fabulous, not making it home is tragic.


Read Any Good Books Lately?

As per usual, I have been reading lots.  Coffee Will Make You Black by April Sinclair is a coming of age story of an African American girl in the late 60’s.  I have a desire to read more books that aren’t necessarily trying to “educate” me, but do anyway because my life experience is narrow in the scope of things.  This book was perfect for that.  And, I liked the protagonist!

I am also reading How To Raise Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurchinka.  This was highly recommended by a friend who is one of the best mothers I know.  Three unexpected things are coming out of my reading of this book.  First, in some ways the information seems applicable to most adopted children whether they are spirited or not.  Second, I am seeing myself in the book.  I am reluctantly recognizing my inability to deal with things in an appropriate manner especially when I am run-down and tired.  Finally, the section on introverts versus extroverts was eye-opening to me (a frustrated extrovert married to a classic introvert).  This could be the book that strengthens my marriage, makes me grow up and helps my children.  But, hey, no pressure.




7 responses

27 03 2011

I really liked Spirited Child, and I agree, it’s not just about raising kids. (I was a spirited child, but am not presently raising one). The battery-charging analogy for extro/introversion has been helpful. And here’s to frustrated extroversion, without which there would be no blogs!

In case it helps your little people, Kitchen Stewardship mentioned the BRAT diet in a recent post, with this comment: “From our own experience, when an anti-diarrheal prescription didn’t work, cutting grains made a difference almost immediately.”

27 03 2011

I was at the dentist recently and was 90% sure the dental assistant was Ethiopian…but I didn’t have Elfe with me, and without that obvious reason for asking I just wasn’t sure how to break the ice. Fortunately, Elfe has an appointment at the same dentist’s office in about two weeks – I’m hoping the same assistant is there for her appointment too!

27 03 2011

hmmm, what is a frustrated extrovert? I think that books sounds good for me. I need something new to read, as usual.

27 03 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

Christine, this book talks about extroverts and introverts in a way I never saw before. Basically extroverts get their energy from interacting with others (adults). And they have to talk to think. When an extrovert doesn’t have any contact with other adults they have no energy. And when they need to work things through by talking and their partner is an introvert who can NOT work things through while talking, they end up frustrated. And, well, that in a nutshell, is my current life. I also think this book gives me new tools for understanding my kids, especially in the areas where their needs are different than mine.

27 03 2011

A bunch of us are going to Julie’s fundraiser, A book in their hands, in LA. You should totally come to that!

27 03 2011

I giggled at the idea of you stalking random Africans in Sam’s club. Sorry your little ones have been sick. Please stop suggesting good books. I have too many to read already. And when Christine pipes in I feel guilty if I don’t read them….make it stop……groan.

29 03 2011

oh no, sorry it’s sucha suckfest. That sounds awful – nothing more draining than looking after sick kids who just won’t GET BETTER ALREADY.

I haven’t read spirited child – sounds interesting! Motherstyles (which I highly recommend) has a similar thing about introversion / extroversion, which was the first time I realised that I’m actually an introvert – I’m not shy so always thought i was an extrovert but nope, that would explain why after a weekend of being with people I just want to crawl into a hole and DIE. The whole battery thing makes so much sense! Will add spirited child to my reading list.

Your weather just looks INSANE. I do’nt know much about meteorology, but that kind of weatherly silliness should be against the law, surely?

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