Twice In Two Days

1 04 2011

Wednesday night I lost Little Dude, again.

I woke up and realized I had been sleeping really, really well.  As my brain rose to some semblance of consciousness I recognized that I was sleeping so well because I had tons of room in the bed.

I started feeling around for Little Dude.  Then I sat up and started looking around.  My eyes were slowly adjusting and I couldn’t see him anywhere.  I leaned over the side of the bed – he wasn’t on the floor.  I turned back around again and sat still concentrating on the area of SAG’s pillow.

There was Little Dude completely covering the pillow in a full body sleep-hug.  And there was SAG, fast asleep with his head resting on Little Dude’s back.

I thought, well that doesn’t look too comfortable and almost stepped in to adjust the situation.  But then I stopped myself.  I mean, why be controlling when you can be comfortable with half of a king-size bed to yourself?

“Losing” Little Dude the second time was not quite as stressful as the first time, if for no other reason than I didn’t have to run through a public place yelling – “And he’s black, with a birthmark.”




4 responses

1 04 2011

I’m allowd to laugh at these stories, right? ‘Cause I am. Laughing, I mean.
With the Library Incident I was thinking of how many times I’ve been wrestling my way through something terrifying/mortifying/painful while simultaneously being aware of how funny this has to look to bystanders. I find that thought somewhat comforting. Hope you do too.

1 04 2011

That’s sweet. These little ones do take up a ton of space, both physical and psychological.

1 04 2011

dangit, girl, that was beautiful.

2 04 2011

Every night I’m surprised that King is as big as they come. And now ours is even smaller since I’ve added a dog to the mix. (at least the cats have ceded their claim).

Did you consider grabbing your camera?

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