Two Today

6 04 2011

Melkam Lidet, Little Dude



10 responses

6 04 2011

Melkam lidet to him, he’s a beautiful child.

6 04 2011

He’s so beautiful! Melkam lidet, little dude.

6 04 2011
Scooping it Up

melkam lidet little Dude!

6 04 2011

Melkam Lidet! My heart beats fast when I see that little Dude! Too cute!

6 04 2011

生日快乐 Little Dude!
And what the heck, I’ll say it in Italian too, Buon compleanno ragazinno piccino.

6 04 2011
Sam's Mom

My heart just skipped a beat and melted, all at once.

6 04 2011

Happy Birthday Little Dude! Looking forward to celebrating you and MB’s birthdays together for years to come!!!! For now, eat an extra piece of cake for him, alright?

6 04 2011
il panettiere...

Beautiful boy, beautiful day….

7 04 2011

Happy birthday to your younger two-year-old!!

7 04 2011

how splendid to be two! Melkam lidet!

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