Adding To My List

7 04 2011

The people I hate most…

5) Mommar G or Q or whatever the hell he is calling himself this week
4) The people responsible for the real estate crisis
3) Oil company executives
2) People who leave too much space between the car in front of them and their car when stopped at a light
1) The jerk who wrote the computer virus that invaded my desktop computer

It would be interesting to study the guys who write computer virus’. Really what makes these guys want to mess with innocent strangers? It must be some sort of power trip but do they ever get famous? Do they just sit at home staring at their monitors grinning as they picture people around the world losing their precious photographs? Do they grin with glee as their virus eats the final email a loving grandfather wrote to his grandchildren before dying? Someone should study these guys – find out if there are early warning signs. And when they finish studying them they should release them into a room with all of the people whose lives they fucked with.

I would like to link this to my previous post about Selfish people but I just can’t handle trying to do that from my phone. Yep, I am posting from my phone, spelling and other errors courtesy of some virus-writing asshole.




3 responses

7 04 2011

Ooooo, I am soooo sorry. You have my complete and total sympathy. I can’t type with my two fingers on a regular keyboard, never mind on a phone.

On the rare occasions we have gotten a virus DH can get into the code of the things and he can see exactly what “type” of A-Hole he is dealing with. And yeah, they are first class A-Holes.

So sorry.

7 04 2011
Sam's Mom

uuggghh. Heavy heart for you.
And I personally think it has something to do with never getting laid. ever. And living in your mom’s basement when you’re 45. And existing off sugar cereal and energy drinks. And “gaming” whatever that is.
But mostly, it’s just the ability to screw with someone you KNOW cannot screw back. Its the ultimate in bullying. and that’s pretty darned sad.

7 04 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

Meg, are you suggesting we could stop computer virus’ by making sure every smart, undersocialized boy gets laid at least one time by his senior year in high school? You really should consider running for political office using this as your platform.

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