Dona1d Trump – Not, or Am I Smarter Than A High School Freshman?

13 04 2011

We hired a property manager who found a renter for our house in Oregon.  That is right, like Dona1d Trump, we now have “investment property.”  (Unlike Dona1d Trump, I believe our President was born in America.)

The house is rented – not quite covering carrying costs, but hey, you send me a check every month and I will be way happier than when our checks were all going in the other direction.

Now, to move out of the house we are renting in Missouri….

It’s a buyers’ market – right, Dona1d?

Today I called a Loan Officer at the Credit Union that we have been using for years.  They hold the loan on our house in Oregon.  The Officer who worked with us on that loan is no longer there, so I looked on-line and decided to support the sisterhood.  I called the only woman officer listed.

My initial impression was to be unimpressed.  Maybe she does not realize that a big part of her job is actually sales.  Still, she wasn’t rude, just not as sparkly and happy to talk to me as I would have liked.

We started discussing options.  I was writing as fast as I could and I was completely confused.  I asked her to slow down, twice.  I told her I had no idea what she was talking about.  I told her specifically, “Please talk to me like I am a High School Freshman taking my first finance class.”

High School Freshman must be very, very smart these days.

In the end, what I learned (I think) is that it doesn’t matter how much we put down on the first house, there is no way to really use that money.  We can jump through a bunch of hoops, paying big fees for the privilege of doing so and we probably still won’t have enough for a down payment here.

I may have to move the mortgage brokers/bankers/wall street fat cats that messed with the economy back up the list of people I hate.

I will confess that I am starting to fantasize about one of these people calling me in response to my blog and offering to help us.  I know that if you complain about the cable company on your blog, sometimes that happens.  So, here I am bankers – complaining about YOU.  Send me a proactive email offering to help.  I am sure that all 17 of my readers will be really impressed!




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13 04 2011
Sam's Mom

Here’s something funny: our mortgage is 50% of my take home. 50%. But we can’t re-fi because the value is -0- after the big flood. (yup, we are a FEMA disaster area. FUN!) So we tried to negotiate our interest rate and our mortgage company laughed at us. So we checked out the gov’t program to ensure your mortgage is only 31%…but that’s based upon GROSS not net which makes ZERO sense because I don’t take my gross home so it certainly doesn’t help me pay my 50% of my net mortgage.
Here’s something else funny: In the 5th grade my friend Stephanie opened up a package of M&Ms and couldn’t find a green one. Green was her favorite color. So she wrote a letter to M&M Mars and complained. And they sent her an ENTIRE CASE OF GREEN M&Ms. I’m not even kidding.

13 04 2011

Ha ha! I sure hope your strategy works. It worked for Jamey?? If it does, I will soon be writing a blog post about US AIRWAYS!!!! And maybe all 18 of my readers will be really impressed 😉

13 04 2011

Don’t let that one woman get you down. Surely, there must be another way. We have a fantastic mortgage broker (he’s from my tribe as should be all people when dealing with your Benjamins *wink-wink*). What about a lease to purchase?

Yeah, complain and maybe you’ll get a free mortgage. Dooce got a new washer and dryer when she complained.

14 04 2011

My mother used to teach high school math and I think she would tell you that the problem is NOT that high school freshmen are getting smarter 🙂

I think donald trump should call you, and just offer to GIVE you the money. He can spare it? Surely.

14 04 2011

Donald Trump. Could anyone be less presidential material?

I generally use the “talk to me like I’m a four year old” line Denzel Washington made famous in Philadelphia. I teach kindergarten. Anyone speaking at a level above that? Forget it.

14 04 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

Yes, Wendy, I am thinking of someone LESS presidential than Donald – first name starts with an S, last name starts with a P.

15 04 2011

Oh, well that was a given!! LOL!

Good to have another like-minded adoptive momma out there!

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