Smaller Than Fun-Size – Bite-Size

15 04 2011

My first Bite-Size post, because I can’t stand to see my site stat meter sit still.

Opposable Thumbs Are Not Meant For Typing

While the Nasty Virus had a hold of my computer I tried to do lots of things on my “smart-phone.”

It is so smart it turned Semi-Feral Mama into both Semi-Feral MD (who I do NOT recommend as your doctor), and Semi-Fetal Mama (I may act like a baby sometimes, but come on.)

Preschool Search

Dear Preschool Directors,

It is 2011.

Unless your preschool is named The Luddite Academy for Early Learning you really should have a website.

PJ to Little Dude

Hoping he would fall asleep in the car yesterday she said, “Little Dude, 1, 2, 3, Sleep!”

I just laughed and laughed and wished like hell it would actually work.

Co-Sleeping For Everyone

We gave Little Dude a baby doll for his birthday.  Apparently PJ (who quickly took charge of the new doll) also subscribes to attachment parenting.




4 responses

15 04 2011
Sam's Mom

Lola the Wonder beagle ascribes to Dingo-type parenting. ie: she tries to eat the baby dolls in their sleep. We sometimes find her with a doll’s head in her mouth.

15 04 2011

Lol! Here’s hoping your site meter is going crazy 🙂 Because all bloggers are really just fame junkies, whether or not they admit it.

15 04 2011

Ok, first of all, watch it with the Luddite label. I know plenty of really good people, er, schools, that don’t have websites. You’re just being lazy and you just don’t want to go check it out in person. snicker snicker Don’t be anti-social, go in, go TALK to them. You know, like we used to do in Ye Olde Times.

And second, what do you mean, “1,2,3, sleep” doesn’t work on Little Dude? You must not be waving your magic wand in just the right way. I’d upload a video of me doing it to youtube so you could learn the proper technique but oh…whoops…that’s right…I can’t…I’m a Luddite.

15 04 2011

check out Miss Leigh busting your chops, New York style. I agree, get a website if you are going to have a pre-school. after all, you are in the ‘show me’ state, tell them you want to be ‘shown’ on the internet.

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