To Cut Or Not To Cut

19 04 2011

Il Panettiere at Workshop for Beginners is stirring up an interesting conversation about hair and transracially adopted children.  Check it out here.

When I first read her post, I immediately tried to mount my high-horse but when I looked down I realized I was actually sitting on the fence.

After Sunday’s tick incident I did decide it was time for a hair-cut, for my black son who was trans-species adopted.



This may shock you, but I did that haircut all by myself.

Also, because these are the kinds of things I wonder when I see your animals on your blog…

Yes, he is from a shelter.  Actually he is part of a large-scale cruelty case we busted four years ago this month.  We took 86 dogs from a single home that day.

Of course he is neutered.

Yes, he is great with the kids.  But other than that he is not trained at all.

Finally, if you want to be part of a real discussion about what is, unfortunately, a real issue, I once again urge you to visit Workshop for Beginners.



4 responses

19 04 2011

You have a future in hair trimming. Fab job.

20 04 2011

You. Make. Me. Laugh.

22 04 2011

Too funny! And the link to the workshop with the hair discussion. I. am. addicted!

22 04 2011
tamara b

Way to go Shonda. I didn’t feel obligated to go to the link until I read your comment. As if it’s not late and and I’m not tired enough, now I’ll be up longer I’m sure.

Anyway, I came here to comment to my dear SFM.

I’m not (recently) posting pics of my dog but thought it’d be fun to share the facts you wondered about:
1. Not neutered but will be soon as I can schedule it with my amazing vet 🙂 Stinking submissive-peeing dog.
2. Not from a shelter. From a farm. Worthless dog.
3. He’d be great with kids if he didn’t jump and didn’t try to herd them. Or if they were twice their size. Darn puppy with herding instincts.

And in case you wanted to know more info:
4. why did I let my husband talk me into another dog?
5. Why did I get a hi-energy puppy when I don’t have time to clean my house let alone time to train another child, I mean, the dog?

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