Travel Journal – April 27, 2010

27 04 2011

April 27, 2010

We are on the plane getting ready for takeoff.  The last few weeks have been very eventful.  Because our move coincided with the trip there were many things to take care of.  Many mistakes were made by the travel agency, the moving company and finally by me.  I did not know my passport had expired until we arrived at the airport to leave last night.  We had to stay in Chicago – Jamie had to talk to the passport agency while I sat on the floor of the airport and cried.

Today Jamie, PJ and I spent the day in downtown Chicago dealing with getting me a new passport.  It was sunny but with a cold wind.  We actually were able to get some sightseeing done.

NOT Addis Ababa

We happened upon an excellent cab driver who met our deadline exactly while introducing me to a fantastic view of the city from the Planetarium parking lot.  PJ had to take her nap in the Ergo but as usual she was a trooper.  She loved the train ride and the taxis honking downtown.

An extra day as an “only child” – not bad for her and not bad for me.

The woman from Turkish Airlines who helped us last night, Sylvie, helped us again tonight.  $550 later we were finally on our way.

This woman happened to also be an adoptive mom. She was incredibly sympathetic to my stupidity, but did not succeed at getting any fees waived for us.

I am excited about going to Africa.  I am worried about my father who was checked into the hospital tonight, SAG who is driving across the country with three cats, two dogs and a parrot and PJ who is away from me (and both of her parents) for the first time.  But most importantly I am thinking about becoming a mother to Little Dude.  I did not anticipate that those fears would be overwhelming everything else, especially when everything else is so overwhelming.

I do keep noticing how most people in the world are kind and friendly.  How interesting and diverse the world is:  a great world to be a part of.  I am not sure I have ever been so embarrassed about something as I am about the passport.  But I plan to leave those feelings behind right now, because I want to be the great mother I know I can be.  And because the world is such an amazing place.  Beating myself up serves no purpose and does not add any beauty to the world.

Speaking of beauty in the world… how about my compression socks because I carry the gene mutation for blood clots? How about my face a stressful 24 hours after laying on the floor in O’Hare airport crying? Can you believe I looked this hot and we hadn’t even boarded our first flight yet?



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27 04 2011

Way cool socks. I cried in the airport as we left for China too. Must be something about the release of all that pent up tension. Or something.

27 04 2011
tamara b

you are beautiful. I like comp socks, they keep my feet and legs warm 😛

28 04 2011

Ha ha ha. I knew you were sexy, but really I had no idea 🙂 Your journey may have been stressful, but it makes for really good stories!

(I just realized that last line could apply to our “situation.” I take it all back. Stressful sucks)

28 04 2011

You look beautiful in your compression socks. I could have used a pair myself. I remember after landing in Amsterdam looking down at my swollen stumps for feet and saying “my ankles have disappeared!”

29 04 2011

You are so cute! The compression socks are crazy sexy!

“I do keep noticing how most people in the world are kind and friendly.”

That was one of the biggest things I came away with from our trip. It kind of blew my mind.

4 05 2011

Loving this. I have a pair of those Keens, love them.

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