Bonus Travel Post – Monday Afternoon?

4 05 2011

At some point during the week – I believe it was Monday afternoon, Jamie and I took a walk around our Addis neighborhood.  We went past the Fistula Hospital made famous in the book The Hospital By The River by Catherine Hamlin. And turned into an alley just before an Orthodox church.  I don’t know why I never journaled about this walk.

This short walk certainly felt like one of my more authentic Addis experiences.  I wish I had a guide to tell me if what we were seeing was typical of the neighborhoods in and around Addis.

While a number of these pics have appeared on my blog as Wordless Weds or Sunday Snapshot entries, I wanted to put them in context of our trip.

Gates to Orthodox Church.

Inside the church gates.

Typical Addis? I wish I knew.

Beautiful girls

A woman was sorting these coffee beans. I showed her my camera and asked if I could take her photo. She ran into her home. I have wondered since if I should not have taken a picture of the beans.

One of my favorite pictures from the entire trip.




2 responses

4 05 2011

I’m just LOVING these posts. My favourite picture so far is of those two little girls. The girl in the blue skirt looks incredibly poised – are you sure she wasn’t placed there by the tourism agency?

11 05 2011

from my experience of Addis, that’s authentic.

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