Travel Journal – May 4, 2010

4 05 2011

(NOTE:  I didn’t record anything in my journal on Tuesday, May 4th due to a very full day, finally having Little Dude staying with me and a power outage.  But I thought I would post this to my blog a day early, since I have another Wednesday May 5th journal entry written at the end of the day.)

Weds 9:30 am (NOTE: Written May 5)

Yesterday we took “possession” of our kids and the power was out last night so I am a day behind recording my thoughts.  I have been super emotional the last few days.  I think it is a touch of pms, over-whelmed, not wanting to go back to Missouri, etc…

Yesterday we went and got the kids at 8:30 am.  They let all the toddlers downstairs as well.  I am a little unclear why.

Was this to encourage toddler adoption in the future?  Was this their normal time to play?  It was complete chaos.

One little girl was so angry.  She kept sort of indicating she wanted Jamie or I to pick her up.  Then she would hold us super tight about the neck but her body was stiff and she was half yelling.  I just kept telling her, “Don’t worry, your Mama is coming.”  (NOTE:  This is a perfect example of one of those things I just touched on in my journal but have thought about non-stop this year.  How is this girl doing?  How are her new parents?  Did she get placed in a home that would have the time and resources to meet her needs?  Does my agency match with these issues, potential serious attachment challenges, in mind?)

I changed Little Dudes clothes and brought him back to the hotel.

We took a few pics outside then headed up to our room.

Other families in our group - Fate? Faith? there is no doubt...

... these families seem meant to be together.

Fortunately, we have the deluxe suite so it is a great place to relax with plenty of room for my super active baby to explore.  Just like the head nurse in Durame indicated, he likes to go, go, go.

Exploring Jamie's collection of empty water bottles

A., M., and S came to hang out in our room.  We gave away some clothes that are too small.  Jamie and A. went out to shop and S and Little Dude fell asleep on their new Mama’s.

We ate an early lunch – I ordered rice and veggies for LD and I made him baby cereal.  I ate cream of vegetable soup and most of his rice.

Then it was off to the Embassy.

First we sat outside on some benches.  Then we went through a metal detector and found our way into a waiting room that had playground equipment.  All the people in the room were adoptive parents.  We had to wait to get called upstairs.  We were the first family to go from our Agency.  But they called G… (husband and children’s last name) not M.. (my last name) and I missed it until the girl from our Agency came downstairs.

(NOTE:  The journal entry ends there.  I picked back up at 9 pm that night.)

Weds 9 pm

There was still a long wait at the Embassy.  I talked to some families NOT with my agency.  It was interesting to hear how different some of the experiences are.  I really think my agencies’ program is exceptional.  By the end of the time at the embassy I was pretty “over it.”

I am sick of “group” everything.

After the Embassy we stopped at the pharmacy.  Little Dude and a few other kids needed Rx filled.  Turns out the pharmacist told me the wrong dose and we have been giving LD too much amoxicillian.

After the pharmacy we came back to the hotel.  LD slept in the car going and coming back but not while we were there.  LD is a fan of baby food and bottles.. This is so strange.  (NOTE:  Strange compared to PJ who never accepted a bottle and only ate about 10 jars of baby food before moving on to finger foods.  However, to do our best to ensure attachment we fed baby food to LD for about a month after he got home – until he refused.  And we still give him bottles.)

Giving him the meds sucked, fortunately I have a motrin syringe here which really helped.

While it was clear he was smart from the beginning, we did actually open the jars for him and feed the food to him.

I was washing my hands, fully soaped when the water and power went off.  Eventually we went downstairs and ate dinner by candlelight.

After dinner we got Little Dude ready for bed, gave him a bottle and he fell asleep on my chest.

Actually he rested on my chest until he was just about to sleep then squirmed off and slept next to me.

Of course I had a lousy night’s sleep.  Going to bed at 8:15 pm does not work for me.




5 responses

4 05 2011

I know a few kids from that picture of toddlers. They came home in our group. Doing very well. But I know what you mean. Oy

4 05 2011
tamara b

umm, i think i was in your room too. maybe it was a different day. but the day i was in there, judah pooped through his diaper and clothes (I gagged as i typed that) while sitting in travis’ lap (now I’m laughing as I typed that). and the best part about it was that our germophobe friend, travis, didn’t know it until we saw him later at supper. oh, what fun! Now I’m really laughing.

5 05 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

I think that was the next day – I did journal about it – not the poop, but LD biting someone.

5 05 2011

I so need to catch up on these travel posts, your photos are beautiful.

6 05 2011

That little guy has such a serious face on that last photo. I love this. I am terrible at journaling, but I would love to journal on my trip.

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