Travel Journal – May 6, 2010

6 05 2011

Thursday 1:15 pm

LD is sleeping on the bed.  Jamie is back from shopping and is downstairs eating lunch.  I took a small nap with LD but am awake now.

Last night I got out our flight itinerary… holy smokes.  We leave at 1:15 am.  We have a 5 hour flight to Istanbul.  We get there at 6:20 am and don’t leave until 11:20 am.  That is an 11hr 55 min flight arriving in Chicago at 3:15 pm.

Poor Jamie than has a 5 hour layover before her 5 hour flight back to Portland.  Thinking about it made me feel very anxious and guilty – which is silly.  We were so removed from the flight process the whole time.  That’s probably why it got screwed up in the beginning.  When you look at the flight itinerary there is no doubt you are on the opposite side of the planet.

This morning I saw a group of the garbage guys ripping open the bags in their cart.  I wonder what they were looking for.

Little Dude and I sat on our balcony this morning watching the world go by.  Sometimes someone will spot us and wave.

There is a little bird who has been here since the first day.  He tries to come in our window.  (NOTE:  He would stand on the balcony pecking at the glass.)

This morning was uneventful.  Apparently the water has been off most of the day but I snuck in a shower at the right time.  (NOTE:  Apparently we had the nicest room, softest beds and best bathroom of anyone in our traveling group.  I would recommend the Union Hotel and I would recommend asking for room 207.)

LD and I went down to eat lunch a little after 11 am.  He ate a jar of baby food, some baby mush, some soup and fell asleep in my lap.  We came upstairs and I put him in the Moses basket.  He slept in it for awhile and I dozed off.  But he woke up so I got him and put him on the bed with me.  He went back to sleep on my chest.

I have pretty low energy right now and am worried about when SAG goes back to work on Monday.  I guess it is good that I have been going without caffeine because I am going to need it.  So far LD seems  healthy besides a cold.  I am afraid he has a bit of an ear infection.  I may give him motrin before we get on the plane.




2 responses

6 05 2011

Ha! If we ever go back…I am totally asking for that room~

8 05 2011

Flight itinerary = yikes.

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